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Social Studies
What kind of contribution to society did the Plateau (California Inter-Mountain), Northeast Woodland and Southeast Woodland Indians make to history? Thank you!
September 27, 2007

Social Studies
Yes, I believe they did. But do you know what items each Native American group bartered with? Thank you!
September 27, 2007

Social Studies
What was the system of economy for the Plateau, Northeast Woodland and Southeast Woodland Indians? Thank you
September 27, 2007

the acceleration is 0.31 m/s2
September 23, 2007

If a cart and rider are pulled with a constant force of 74.0 N, and the friction force is 29.0 N, how fast will the cart and rider be traveling after 8.70 seconds? Thanks a lot!
September 23, 2007

First, you need to combine like terms. 4x=480 Then, divide each side by 4. 4x/4=480/4 4's on the left side cancel out, leaving: x=120 Adults(3x):360 Students(x):120
August 9, 2007

Simplify rt= 1/[(1/r1)+ (1/r2)] That looks like the formula for the "total" resistance, rt, of two resistors in parallel, r1 and r2. The t, 1 and 2 are subscripts. It cannot be made much simpler than that, but it can be rewritten 1/rt = 1/r1 + 1/r2 which is a bit ...
August 2, 2007

Simplify r=1/(1/x+1/y) multiply the right side by xy/xy
August 2, 2007

Simplify 1/r=1/x+1/y Multiply both sides by rxy. Then simplify. I will be happy to check your work. That is as compact and simple as the relationship can be written. Are you looking for an explicit formula for x, y or r?
August 2, 2007

Find all positive values for k for which each of the following can be factored. X^2-x-k (Your answer seems to be the same as the other problem x^2+x-k ) Is this correct too? Consider your equation to be in the form ax^2 + bx = c = 0. It can be factored (that is, have real ...
July 23, 2007

Find all positive values for k for which each of the following can be factored. X^2-x-k Using the quadratic equation, x= 1/2 +-1/2* sqrt (1+4k) Now, the sqrt has to be of a positive number, so 1+4k>0 so any value of k>-1/4 should work.
July 23, 2007

distance formula
Hey thanks, stupid negative..... Ok now I'm trying to figure out the distance formula. the coordinates are (-1,3) and (2,5) So I take (5-3)^2 + (2-1)^2 and get 2^2 + 1^2. so 4 + 1 is 5. so the square root of 5 is the answer? your second subtraction is wrong it should be (2...
July 19, 2007

math problem
I'm trying to get a handle on what square roots are (I think thats what they are called). Here is an example. 4(almost like a division sign but it is more like a check mark)3. I don't understand what it is, its a square root? and How do I deal with these things? A ...
July 19, 2007

Ok I'm trying to find the radius of a circle with the given measurement. 4/5C=17 C stands for Circumference. Solve for C (multiply both sides by 5/4) Then, solve for radius R= C/2PI
July 19, 2007

How do I figure out the height of a triangle? The height of a triangle is defined as the perpendicular distance from an angle to a side. Now, since this is a right triangle, and depending on how it is situated, the height could be 10" or 12" if you observe from the ...
July 18, 2007

yeah i have seen that but it doesnt label the borders so i dont know what they are or the river names and stuff like that i have been looking all over the web to finish a wrting i am doing about the roman empire and i need to know what the boundaries were of it in 44 bc the ...
April 24, 2007

Environmental Science
b. salt water is correct
April 20, 2007

Alegebra 1B
7x/16-x/16 When you have the same denominators (numbers on the bottom), you can just subtract the numerators (#s on the top) So 7x-x = 6x So the answer is 6x/16 Matt x-5+(-6)-6=0 x-5+(-6)-6=0 wa zup i think she is right i mean she is right
March 31, 2007

I really need help with my science lab. I was sick when we did the lab on Thursday and Friday was a snowday so I did not get to get the observations off my peers. My teacher has allowed people one more day and I do not understand this Lab at all. If someone could help me write...
March 5, 2007

Hi Everyone, I have to deliver a presentation on euthanasia, which requires a creative aspect that may involve the class as well. (My position is against euthanasia by the way). I was thinking that I could have a game or bring something in that could act as an analogy for the...
October 12, 2006

einstein's equation
joules :)
September 6, 2006

go browns
August 29, 2006

making dot arrays
The answer is Even. 2,4,6,8..... The other would be odd. 3,5,7,9......
August 21, 2006

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