February 24, 2017

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What do you call someone who pays back a loan Quickly? Algebra with pizzazz page 164
November 28, 2016

sum: m + n = -b/a product: mn = c/a substitute. when proving, you only manipulate/solve one side. mnb^2=(m+n)^2 ac (c/a)(b^2) =? (ac)(m+n)^2 (c/a)[a(m + n)]^2 =? (ac)(m+n)^2 (c/a)(a^2)(m+n)^2 =? (ac)(m+n)^2 (ac)(m+n)^2 = (ac)(m+n)^2 this problem is pretty much the same as the ...
August 17, 2013

Because of the wind, a boat sails 4 728 meters in the directions S 47 degrees 29 minutes W. How far south has it gone? How far west has it gone?
August 1, 2012

From a mountain 1780 ft. high, the angle of depression of a point on the nearer shore of a river is 48 degrees 40 minutes and of a point directly across on the opposite side is 22 degrees 20 minutes. What is the width of the river between the two points?
August 1, 2012

From a lookout tower 80 ft. high, a man observes from a position 6.5 ft. below the top of the tower that the angle of elevation of the top of a certain tree is 12 degrees 40 minutes and the angle of depression of its base is 72 degrees 20 minutes. If the base of the tower and ...
August 1, 2012

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