February 8, 2016

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Physics - Ionic bonding
Hello My exams are coming I'm a straight A student .. the problem however is : My textbooks , teacher and every piece of work that he gives us is complicated can someone explain me how Ionic Bonding works and when we're taking about this table here can someone explain ...
June 7, 2007

Can you please explain and provide me links for the rock structure of the appalachian mountains? I'm almost done my power point project...I just can't find this information.
April 23, 2007

HELP Please. Geography.
I found some links for the geological history for the appalachian mountains BUT it confuses me. Can you please simplify the formation of the Appalachian mountains?? please? thanks. Basically the mountains were created due to the merging of the continents into Pangea. I know ...
April 23, 2007

I need to do a power point presentation on the Appalachian mountains. I need to find the geological history,rock structure,appearance,soil, vegetation,wildlife, and human activities. Can you please provide me with links with these information? Thanks so much. http://www....
April 23, 2007

math, help
The answer would be negative 20 because it's not asking for the absolute value. It's asking for the number with the absolute value. Negative 20 has the absolute value. Therefore, the answer is c, negative 20
February 13, 2007

english HELP ASAP
??? i dont know either. :(
October 2, 2006

what is an element in music There are a number of musical elements: rhythm, melody, dynamics, harmony, tempo, timbre, articulation, texture and form. You can find definitions for these by clicking on MUSIC under SUBJECTS on the left side of your screen, and then click on Music...
September 26, 2006

English 3
June 26, 2006

investing in the stock market
So unless I become a high-risk day-trader, there really is no way for me to make a living just investing in the stock market? So did people like Warren Buffet and Morgan Stanley build their wealth some other way? And what about the fictional character Gordon Gecko? Your ...
June 23, 2005

investing in the stock market
Are there people who invest in the stock market full time for a living? In order words, are there people who make thousands of dollars every month, short term, as a profession? If so, how can I find out more information about persuing such a career? Thank you so much. For some...
June 22, 2005

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