July 28, 2014

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Physics AP
In the process from point b to point c, the gas in the engine is heated to a higher temperature. As the gas is heated, it expands pushing the syringe piston up. Let's assume that this process is isobaric. The temperature of the gas at point b is 20.2 ° C, and the gas t...

AP Physics
Thank you Dr. DRWLS

AP Physics
You go to kitchen to boil water. You pour 280 gram of water to a container, and put the container on a 293 W electric heater. Assume that all the heat from the heater is used to heat the water. The specific heat of water is 4.19 J/g ° C. As always, be accurate to 4 signifi...

AP Physics
Thank you DR. Wls your a life saver.

AP Physics
A student found an unknown substance. In an effort to identify the thermal properties of the substance, she isolated a specimen of 47 gram, and applied 290 J of heat energy to the specimen. If she measured the temperature of the specimen changed from 20 ° C to 25.7 ° C...

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