July 28, 2014

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social studies
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about historiography? A.It is never subject to change. B.It can affect the meaning of historical events. C.It can be defined simply as the writing of history. D.It influences how people see themselves and their legacy.

Thanks then

thanks lot. Hey in case i need more help is their any where i can write to you for help if you don't mind

ugh. am confused

Which of the following is NOT something a geographer can explain to a historian? A.why people populated certain areas people change their environment the environment changes people D.why people like other people I know is D but i need accurate answer

math fraction to percent
Just question 23 will be 8% the rest i see them okay

Yes some how they post the question and the question was never teached

Well i got 9/10 out my quiz and your answer was correct thank you so much for your kind help.I only cheated with one question the one you help on thanks

i would try that cause i cant seem to find in my notes that question.

Which of the following is the study of governmental institutions and processes? A. geography B. political science C. sociology D. economics

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