September 16, 2014

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Math (related rates)
My question is similar to Avik's but with different values. A camera, located 4 km from the launch pad, is tracking the rocket that is fired straight up. When the height of the rocket is 13 km, the camera is rotating at the rate of 3/169 radians per second. What is the ...
November 5, 2006

MATH! Urgent
umm suppose a parabola has a vertex at (0,2) and points (1,1) how would I derive the equation and focus, i've been trying to understand this for so long, I can't get it. Does this parabola have the equation (y-2)^2 = x and a focus of 1/4?? Is that correct?? I searched ...
November 2, 2006

What if when I find my product, I get the same compound as I did in my reactant? For example, FeCl3 + HCl ->FeCl3 + HCl. Then something is wrong. In this case, FeCl3 and HCl usually don't react. In very concentrated solutions of HCl, the FeCl4^- or FeCl6^-3 ion can form...
October 21, 2006

September 28, 2006

AP Biology - Starch
Hello, I'm in deep need of your knowledge. If you may help me, I would appreciate it. The question is regarding the high catalyzation of starch, since it breaksdown at 100 C, why is the high temperature needed? Thanks -Sally As I remember, the action of the enzyme ...
September 28, 2006

US History
what flatlands in california lie between the sierra nevada and the coast range? what volcano dominates the southern portion of th island of hawaii? what flatlands extend sout from the chesapeake bay to the east of the coast of flordia? I went to http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/...
August 24, 2006

need help math I have a big square of 9little squares in it on the first row going down I got 1 4 6 that makes 11 ok I have to make 11 using those number on the other squares and I can not double the same number in every way it has to come out 11 straght ,down,side, across ...
August 31, 2005

I have this problem abouth math pre algebra this is my problem I have 3 number that makes a total of 11 I have 1 4 6=11 in each way has to came out 11 up down side across and I have 2 more blanck spaces total of 3 its big square need help and I cant use the same numbers over ...
August 30, 2005

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