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A coal-fired electrical generating plant has an efficiency of 38%. The temperature of the steam leaving the boiler is 550 °C. What percentage of the maximum possible efficiency does this plant obtain? (Assume the temperature of the environment is 20 °C)

A radio station uses broadcasting at 600 kHz. What is the wavelength of the signals emitted by the station (speed of light c=3×108 m/s)

Water falls from a height of 84 m. Assuming that all the energy is converted into heat, the rise in temperature of water will be (4200 J/(kg °C) and g=10 m/s2)?

A 124- balloon carrying a 22- basket is descending with a constant downward velocity of 27.4 A 1.0- stone is thrown from the basket with an initial velocity of 20.0 perpendicular to the path of the descending balloon, as measured relative to a person at rest in the basket. The...

In the Odyssey, Part 2, what danger do Scylla and Charydbis pose to Odysseus and his crew?

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what did the British goverment need to tax the coloines

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