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Math Please help me
A rectangular prism has the following dimensions. length: 8 cm width: 13 cm height: 10.5 cm If all the dimensions of the prism are doubled, what will be its new surface area? 1,298 cm2 4,192 cm2 2,596 cm2 4,368 cm2

There are 6 red marbles, 8 blue marbles, and 11 green marbles in a bag. What is the probability that you will randomly draw either a red or a blue marble? 24% 56% 32% 10%

At a carnival game, there is a 38% probability of winning a prize. What is the probability of not winning a prize? 38% 50% 62% 76%

A number cube is rolled and a coin is flipped. Predict how many times you would get heads and a number less than 3 in 240 trials. 60 40 30 20

Suppose there are 21 students in your class. If the teacher draws 2 names at random, what is the probability that you and your best friend will be chosen? 2/21 1/20 1/105 2/10

Math(Ms.Sue) only please
Ms.Sue i have one more question what is the Biweely salary, The Annual Salary, & The Weekly salary, Monthly Salary, & The Semi-Monthly salary.

Angela Emrich is an auto mechanic she ears $6.75 per hour. She worked 35 hours last week. What was her straight time pay

Calvin Hines is a graphic designer. He ears $11.50 per hour. Last week he worked 7 hours each day, Monday through Friday. What was his total pay for the week?

Kevin Brownstein is a truck driver. He ears $10.25 per hour. He worked 37 hours last week. What is his straight time pay?

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