March 28, 2017

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a ruby laser emits light at wavelength 694.4nm. if a laser pulse is emitted for 12pico seconds and the energy released per pulse is 100mJ, what is the length of the pulse?
November 11, 2014

use his compass
November 13, 2011

Hi. I found this question on a Math Counts practice test and it seriously confused me. I've never learned about this, and it would help if someone helped me. Thanks in advance. How many elements are in the intersection of the set of all the prime numbers less than 30 and ...
November 26, 2010

social studies
They are totally different topics...But I suppose that it CAUSED the French and Indian war, but I'm not sure...
November 26, 2010

The 55 days is extra information put in the question to confuse you.
November 22, 2010

Thinking logically, I would go with your theory, but after I looked at the Wikipedia page, I realized that your mom is right. Logic is not always the right solution. :)
November 21, 2010

social studies
To be in poverty means you do not have the supplies/money to survive through your basic needs--Food, Clothing, and Shelter
November 17, 2010

Every day a commuter takes a train that arrives at her station at precisely 6:00 pm. She is met at the station by her husband, who also arrives at precisely 6:00 pm. He always drives the same route to the station and never varies his speed. One day the commuter takes and ...
January 16, 2010

you want to estimate 5.25-3.3. why would using front-end estimation and adjusting tell you more about the answer than rounding?
November 10, 2009

I know the answer to this question, but I want to find a simpler way of doing it... ---Find the sum of the counting numbers from 1 to 25 inclusive. In other words, if S= 1+2+3+...+24+25, find the value of S. Thanks!!!!!
April 21, 2009

4th grade
Prime:13,37,67 Composite:25,117208
January 30, 2009

October 28, 2008

4th grade
You always want to move the numbers to one side and the variable to another side to do that... 25+7=p-6 Move the 6 to the other side. Since its a minus make it a plus... 25+7+6=p 38=p There you have your answer!
October 22, 2008

I'm not sure either, but I think it is words that is made up by your mind.
October 20, 2008

4th grade
thank you
October 15, 2008

4th grade
I think i know how to divide decimals, but I want to learn more. Can someone help me?
October 15, 2008

Depends on what kind of pentagon your talking about. A pentagon is just a shape with 5 sides. It could mean anything.
October 13, 2008

Math: 4th grade
1) 23-x 2)23(x-3)
October 2, 2008

4th grade math
The answer would be 2,400,000
September 17, 2008

4th grade
What you have to do is work backwords. First since it says"you get 8" and before that is says "divide by 7" you have to multiply 8x7 because your working backwords. Then it says to multiply by 2, you have to divide by 2. 8x7 is 56 and 56/2 is 28. Now you ...
September 16, 2008

4th grade
There is a subject and a predicate in every sentence. The Subject is the main part of a sentence. For example- Susie is writing a story. Susie is the Subject. The predicate is the remaining words.
September 15, 2008

Mental Math is practically doing math in your head. That's why the word mental meaning "mind" is in Mental Math.
September 9, 2008

4th grade
The commutative property works the same way with only multiplication and and addition. It means that no matter if you switched the numbers around, it will always equal the same.
August 25, 2008

Ordering decimals
What you have to do is look for the highest tenth number. if some of them are the same look in the hundreths. If those are the same look in the thousandths. Then you keep on going.
May 3, 2008

4th grade math
October 1, 2007

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