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what do consumers and decomposers do to the carbon cycle?
September 16, 2008

social studies
What is a map and how is it used?
September 10, 2008

Bonjour!! Could you please ckeck if i have translated these sentences correctly into french! Merci! No, this is my lollipop Non !C'est ma lucette What's the problem? Quel est le problème Buttercup stole my lollipop Buttercup a volé ma lucette We have to ...
September 9, 2008

6th grade math
you just have too...
September 7, 2008

September 7, 2008

self reflective essay
I want to know can I write about myself in a self reflective essay ,,here is my thesis statement do you think it is ok? In this paper I will argue the life of a child being born in a divorced family was it easier or was it very hard?
August 28, 2008

Thank you, could you give it one more run through. Aujourd'hui, nous étudions et recherchons l'espace, pour les choses comme notre atmosphère, le soleil, les astéroïdes et les comètes, les lunes et tout ce qui notre système ...
June 10, 2008

Good evening, could you check over these sentences to see it i have translated the english correctly INTO FRENCH. Merci!! Today, we study and research space, for things like our atmosphere, the sun, asteroids and comets, moons and everything that make up our solar system. - ...
June 10, 2008

Hi, i am doing a essay on the Royal Commission on the status of women, Canada. Could you help me find helpful info on this topic. Thanks again:)
June 3, 2008

Hi i am doing an essay on Canadian Women in Sports during the 1930's can you help me find any info. Thank you:)
June 3, 2008

a rectangle is 4 times as long as it is wide. a second triangle is 5 centimeters longer and 2 centimeters wider than the first. the area of the second rectangle is 270 square centimeters greather than the first. what are the dimensions of the original rectangle? how would i ...
June 3, 2008

Sorry to bug you again, man oh man the sites that you give me are amazing. Thanks so much. One more questions can you help me find good sites on Canadian women in sports.
May 25, 2008

Sorry about that, i am referring to Canada, when were women first seen as persons.
May 25, 2008

Good afternoon, Here's my question...when were women seen as person and what is the royal comission on the status of women? Thank you so very much :)
May 25, 2008

Hi again, thank you for your help on Nellie McClung, the sites were great. Here's another question; for my culminating activity i have to write an argumentative essay on Women's Rights featuring four events but i only have 1 event in 1918 when women got the right to ...
May 24, 2008

Hi there, for my history assignment i must prove how Nellie McClung was the greatest Canadian. Could you point me to any videos, clips on the internet or great sites that will be to my assistance. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. -Thanks
May 24, 2008

algebra 2
2y-5 over 6 - y-5 over 4 equals 3/4. Solve this rational expression.
May 8, 2008

i cant do fractions i just do not get it
March 10, 2008

the novel
D is not the correct answer I just took the text and it was wrong
February 20, 2008

need to do a project on VICTORIA - and would like some examples of templates and setting it out etc. Can anyone help?
February 18, 2008

Before the Civil War
December 31, 2007

mean, mediem, mode
Whay is the mean , mediem and mode in a series of number?
December 8, 2007

Electric Charges
Can you please help with these questions? How does the charge of one electron compare to that of another electron? How does it compare with the charge of a proton? How do the numbers of protons in the atomic nucleus compare to the number of electrons that orbit the nucleus?
November 5, 2007

minnesotas state constitution was written in what year?
October 28, 2007

_____________provided significant sources of energy on early Earth, and were most likely involved in the origin of life. Options A) Volcanic activity, violent thunderstorms, and ultraviolent radiation B) Bombardment from meteorites, gamma radiation, and osmic radiation. C) ...
August 29, 2007

The amplification of recombinant plasmids occurs by? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites for you: 1. 2.
August 6, 2007

Margaret received $671.50 in cash as proceeds from a loan of $680.00 The discount rate was 10% simple interest. Find the discount period in months. Hummm. With simple interest, a rate of 10% on $680, in one month the balance would be 680*(1+(0.1/12)) = 685.66666. Ergo, the ...
July 11, 2007

This was very help full
May 1, 2007

the law of sines/math
Find the area of each figure ??
April 9, 2007

History Essay
well i really don't know but i need the website!
February 25, 2007

What structural features of bacteria do you think help them to survive? Name four characteristics of bacteria that aid them in producting disease. please read the link and then think about these statements: fast reproductive rate tough ...
February 23, 2007

an 800 N person stands on a scale in an elevator. What is his apparent weight when the elevator is accelerating upward at 2 m/s^2? B) what5 is his apparent weight when the elevator is acc. downward at 2m/s^2? c) what is his apparent weight when the elevator is moving downward ...
February 20, 2007

The tension on a string from which a 5.00kg object is suspended in an elevator is T=(44.0j)N. What is the acceleration of the elevator? Specify the acceleration in unit vector notation. T - Mg = M a with positive force upward. a = T/m - g = 8.8 - 9.8 = -1.0 m/s^2 Multiply that...
February 20, 2007

I've got a paper due on Wednesday over two of Edgar Allen Poe's stories. One is "The Black Cat". I've got everything down except one part. I was wondering what exactly interferes with the main character getting away with murder at the end? I've been ...
February 15, 2007

An elevator weighing 2.00 x 105 N is supported by a steel cable. A free-body diagram of the elevator is shown below. What is the tension in the cable when the elevator is accelerated upward at a rate of 3.00 m/s2?
February 12, 2007

what are the 5 steps to addition? what are you adding? i know the five steps to division are divide,multiply,subtract,carry,bring down,but I forgot the addition rules.
October 2, 2006

orientalism of muslim and arab american
Are you guys in my class at UOP? ha ha
August 6, 2006

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