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Living environment
An athelete explains that his muscles have become well-developed through daily activities of weightlifting. He believes that his offspring will inherit this trait of well developed muscles. Which theory of Lamarck's does this example best demonstrate?

Living environment
what is speciation

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pictures of survival of the fittest

Living environment
am confused now the answer is 1 or 2 it cant be 2 or 4

Living environment
9.When lions prey on a herd of antelope, some of the antelope are eliminated. Which part of the theory of evolution can be used to describe this situation? (1) sexual reproduction of the fittest (2) isolation of the species (3) survival of the best adapted (4) new species deve...

Living environment
7. The lost of flying by the beetle is most probably the result of (1) predators eating the beetles’ wings (2) beetles not using their wings (3) genetic changes in the beetles (4) lack of vegetation for the beetle to feed on IS THE Answer 3

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oh its 4

Living environment
The process of natural selection is based on the assumption that (1) environmental changes will cause changes in body structures in individuals (2) most changes from generation to generation are the result of mutations (3)part of the population of organisms always remain stabl...

Social Studies

ALGEBRA-Help please
(2g-3)(2g^2 + g - 4) IS IT 2g^3 - 4g^2 + 12

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