February 27, 2017

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January 28, 2015

If a rectangular prism sides are increased by 2,3,4 cm to make a cube and the difference in the volume of the rectangular prism and the cube is 827cm3, what are the original dimensions of the rectangular prism?
June 7, 2013

Which one of the following activities best exemplify working capital management. For this exercise you will be choosing more than one option for your answer. 1. Identify three good investment opportunities for the firm. 2. Obtain a short-term loan to purchase materials. 3. ...
September 6, 2011

Can anyone provide some examples of situations in which business ethics play a role in the financial management process?
September 6, 2011

sketch, label and mark each figure. 1.Isoscles obtuse triangle TRI with vertex angle T. 2.Rhombus RHOM with acute <H and the shorter diagonal. 3.Scalene right triangle SCA with midpoints L,M and N on SC, CA, and SA, respecitively. 4.Trapeoziod TRAP with TR|| A[, RE PA and P...
April 23, 2011

In triangle ABC, if <A and <B are acute angles, and sin A 10/13 . What is the value of cos A??? please because i forget.
April 23, 2011

What is the group 3A element that forms the most basic oxide? I thought it was TI, why isn't it? thanks
December 2, 2008

Besides the ideal gas law what is other methods to calculate the molecular mass of a substance.
February 2, 2008

how could I figure out which molecule has the stongest bond if I am given some such as HF AND HI.
December 11, 2007

brain teaser
You are in a rectangular house with large picture windows on all 4 sides. All 4 sides of the house have a southern exposure. From one of the windows you see a bear. What kind of bear is it and why? You're at the North Pole and it is a polar bear. You face south from each ...
January 12, 2007

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