March 26, 2017

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Life Skills
What are the six questions for examining a source’s reliability?
September 29, 2016

Both car A and car B leave school at the same time, traveling in the same direction. Car A travels at a constant speed of 79 km/h, while car B travels at a constant speed of 89 km/h. How far is Car A from school 2.1 h later? Answer in units of km
January 15, 2012

Research paper Teen Drug Abuse
I am having a hard time finding anyone opposing the fact that there is a drug problem among teens. I don't think that there is enough focus on drug programs in the schools today. I think to answer your question I plan on making my point on having more focus on drug ...
February 25, 2010

Research paper Teen Drug Abuse
I need some suggestions on where to start writing a research paper about teen drug abuse I am not quit sure where to even begin I need an oposing argument as well any help would be greatly apprciated.
February 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

In three-to five-paragraphs, describe a time when you tried to learn a good habit or to unlearn a bad one. Whether or not you are still working on making this change, describe the patience it takes to stick to your goals and make a change for the better. What has been most ...
November 7, 2009

Assume that the salaries of elementary school teachers in the United States are normally distributed with a mean of $34,000 and a standard deviation of $2000. What is the cutoff salary for teachers in the bottom 10%?
October 19, 2009

PSY 210
What is a situation where you think it is especially important to make a positive first impression? I think when you go for a job interview the first impression you make on the interviewer is key to getting the job. How do you try to ensure you make a favorable first ...
April 30, 2009

PSY 210
How others view a person can influence how that person views his or her environment and those in his or her environment. People are constantly making first impressions in social, personal and professional situations What is a situation where you think it is especially ...
April 30, 2009

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