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Um I think it depends. If the player was angry and hit the racket in anger then yes it would be bad sportsmanship. It shows that the player was angry in his or her loss. The racket could also result in an injury. Hope this helps :)

60 percent of the students in a marching band are girls. There are 30 girls in the marching band. How many students are there altogether?

I got 3/4 hour because: 3 1/4 - 2 1/2 13/4 - 5/2, you must multiple the 5 and 2 by 2 (common demoniator) 13/4 - 10/4 = 3/4 you could also use percents as well and you will get b hope this helps :)

you are right

Science 8R - HELP!
Water ice and living things like lichens on rock all cause weathering. Once this breaking down has taken place, landforms are reshaped by erosion hope this helps :)

Wouldn't have reached as many people, and they wouldn't have been able to respond as quickly to criticism from the states-rights side of the debate. Hope this helps :)

what number has the mode of 15 the minimum of 5 maximum of 20 and median of 10

go on scale factor wikipedia it will explain everything to you and if not then: The ratio of any two corresponding lengths in two similar geometric figures is called as Scale Factor. In the equation y=Cx, C is the scale factor for x. C is also the coefficient of x, and may be ...

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The gold element is one of the few elements on the periodic table with no definable individual being credited with the discovery. Hope this helps :)

Science* Please Help Me !
1. When tissue is damaged the surrounding cells begin going through mitosis to replace the damaged cells. This is why brain, spinal, and nerve damage is permanent because these cells don’t go through mitosis to replace damaged cells. This is why a broken bone will heal, b...

I would search up World War 1 wikipedia. they help a lot. Hope this helps :)

Molar mass SF6 = 146.06 g/mol p = 723 / 760 = 0.951 atm T = 31 + 273 = 304 K d = M p / RT = 146.06 x 0.951 / 0.0821 x 304 = 5.57 g/L M = d x RT/ p T = 14 + 273 = 287 K p = 825 / 760 = 1.09 atm M = 7.535 x 0.0821 x 287 / 1.09 = 162.89 g/mol Hope this helps :)

World History..
you should go on: The holocaust wikipedia. Yo will find your answer there. Hope this helps :)

Go on ::: Circulatory system wikipedia Systemic circulation is the circulation of the blood to all parts of the body except the lungs. Systemic circulation is the portion of the cardiovascular system which transports oxygenated blood away from the heart, to the rest of the bod...

Go on :: Computational phylogenetics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This will help you, Hope this helps :)

Mitochondria are involved in aerobic cellular respiration. Fermentation is part of the process of cellular respiration. In the presence of oxygen, further processing of the fermentation products will occur in the mitochondria, yielding more ATP. Without oxygen - fermentation o...

to divide fractions you must flip the second fraction and then multiply: 3/4 x 3/2 since i flipped your second fraction = 9/8 = 1 1/8 hope this helps :)

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I'm pretty sure it was the directory that replaced Robespierre. It was controlled by the middle class. The answer should be The directory. It signified a return to special privileges for people with money. Hope this helps :)

World Cultures
search up Maurya Empire wikipedia and search up Ashoka wikipedia. they give a lot of info that will help you. Hope this helps :)

There was one land mass and then over the next 110 million years it separated. In the beginning there were dinosaurs and at the end all of the dinosaurs died out. Hope this helps :)

1. i would go on conversation of mass wikipedia. Since they give a lot of detail. 2.Velocity is usually the average of moving from one place to another over a period of time. Ex. running 4 miles in 12 minutes = an average 1/3 miles/hour. Acceleration is the rate of change in a...

social studies
*did you mean hemispheres Greenland belongs to the Northern and Western hemispheres, and New Guinea belongs to the Southern and Eastern hemispheres. hope this helps :)

Roan. say red hair is Hr- where - is either another Hr or a recessive allele and white hair is Hw- then roan cows are HrHw heterozygous codominant Hope this helps :)

My answer: predict Hope this helps :)

math((PLEASE HELP!))
The number with the greater coefficient and/or exponent is the greater number. n x 10^E where "n" is the coefficient, and "E" is the exponent. examples: 1.23 x 10^21 > 1.23 x 10^20 Between zero and one Hope this helps :)

76-12= 64 48 divided by 8= 6 so far the question would be like this : 64-6 and then multiplied by 2 64-6= 58 58x2= 116 Answer= 116 This is what I got but i wasn't sure about the 2 at the end of your question so i assumed that you would multiply it. Hope this helps :)

Math Help Please
your answers for #2 are right if your talking about a rectangle

Geo 7th Grade
I would agree with you since the Economic inequality is also known as the gap between rich and poor. Answer should be A Hope this helps :)

math question
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math question
First find a common denominator= 12 3/4= 9/12 and 1/3= 4/12 then add= 9+4= 13 = 13/12 then change to a mixed # = 1 1/12 1 is a whole and then 1/12 hope this helps :)

math 3rd grade
4x7= 28 8x7= 56 28 x2 = 56 Tell ur 3rd grader that double of 4x7 (28) will equal to 8x7 (56) hope this helps :)

Ms.Sue is right I would agree with her! :)

Geo 7th Grade
Your welcome :)!!!!

Geo 7th Grade
I would go on google and type: Economy of Mexico wikipedia Wikipedia helps a lot! hope this helps :)

Gradient is defined as vertical rise/ horizontal run.

the answer is 9.5 oz 28 multiplied by 9.5 will give you 266 Hope This Helps :)

Not much of an expert in English passages but heres what I got: Hope this helps :) If there is much running water from the faucet, the water becomes lukewarm. So you should turn down the faucet a little so that it has little running water, and then the water will become more w...

I would just divide 3 by 8, 5 by 6 and 1 by 2. Then I would get all my percents and then I will put them from least to greatest by looking at the percents... 1/2 is .5 which is equal to 50% 3/8 is 0.375 which is rounded to 37% 5/6 is .833333 which we can say is 83% Hope this h...

1.Karyotypes are just the stained chromosomes from the nucleus of a cell. Only large abnormalities are picked up, such as differences in chromosome number. They are not supposed to be like DNA which would be similar to the parents. 2. -calculate the chance of affected people o...

Math OMG
Multiply the fraction by the #: 3/5 x 65/1 = 195/5 = 39

7th grade math Ms. Sue please
#3 is 66sixty-six and two-thirds%

k so it would be: same person= Sue, my neighbor,usually plants her flowers in April. different=Sue, my neighbor usually plants her flowers in April. I was just confused what her question was since she didn't come to check again.

oh im sorry. then would it be: Sue my neighbor, usually plants her flowers in April. u would just adjust the comma.

wuts ur question? im thinking that u want to fix the statement: Sue, my neighbor usually plants her flowers in April.

I will agree with you. I think it's B as well. hope that helps :)

first change the fractions into improper fractions: 80/3 - 11/6 then find a common denominator: 80 * 2 and 3* 2 because 6 is a common den: 160/6 - 11/6 = 149/6 then change that into a mixed fraction: 24 5/6 hope that helps:)

7th grade social studies question Ms. Sue please
no problem :)

7th grade social studies question Ms. Sue please
I'd go on wikipedia because they give a lot of info.. if you want the electrical telegraph then type electrical telegraph wiki and if you want the daily telegraph then type in daily telegraph wiki Hope this helps :)

I think its A) as well. If you need to explain yourself go on sea breeze wikipedia and you will get some info. hope that helps! :)

fractions from least to greatest
i would just go like this: 3 divided by 4 , 3 divided by 5 and 5 divided by 6. You will get your percents and then just arrange the percents by least to greatest!

what is sltn? 40-8 is 32. half of 32 is 16 so there ur answer

US History
Thank you that really helped!!

US History
Explain how the role of government changed during the Progressive Era, using specific historical examples;

Why is a centiliter a greater measure than a milliliter

Chemistry: moles
How many moles are in 508 g of ethanol?

Social Studies
What were the results of the Battle of Fallen Timbers?

7th grade
i dont get how to do circumference

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