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Physical Education
The smooth and effective working together of your muscles and bones is what? Some call it muscle tone.
November 28, 2006

Determine the volume of the solid abtained when the region bounded by y=sqrt x and the line Y=2 and x=0 is rotated: (i) about the x-axis (ii) about the line x=4. (i) Each element of the body of revolution with thickness dx, has area pi*(sqrt x)^2 dx = pi x dx. Integrate that ...
August 12, 2006

Determine dy/dx if: (i) Y= sqrt x^sqrt x (ii) Y= xarcsin(x) + sqrt(1-x) Please show all steps. Thanks 1) 2) an antiderivative of arcsin(x) is xarcsin(x)-sqrt(1-x^2); are you certain the second term is ...
August 12, 2006

Let X1;X2;X3;...;X6 be a random sample from a distribution with the following probability desity function: Fx(x) = (1+4x)/3 for 0<x<1 = 0 for x=<0; x>=1. (a) Determine the joint p.d.f of Y1 and Y6 where Y1<Y2<...Y6 are the order statistics. (b) Let R= Y6-Y1 ...
August 10, 2006

A normal population has an expected value of 60 and a variance of 30. Use the central limit theorem to determine what the sample size should be such that the mean has a probability of 90% to fall between the values 58 and 62. One concept of the Central Limit Theorem is ...
August 10, 2006

Suppose X1;X2;...;X5 is a random sample from a n(0; variance) distribution. define U = X1+X2+X3+X4; V = (X2)^2+(X3)^2+(X4)^2+(X5)^2 and W = U/sqrtV. (a) Name the distribution of U/4 and V/(variance) and give the values of their parameters. (b) (i) Compute k such that kW has a ...
August 10, 2006

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