July 31, 2014

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American Government
Which of the following is an example of indirect lobbying? A. testifying before Congress B. writing speeches and legislation C. grass-roots-led phone calls and e-mail D. contacting White House officials i think its c

American Government
What is the task of a party’s chairperson and the party’s national committee between elections? A. create campaign advertisements B. create volunteer opportunities C. break up the central structure of the party D. increase the power of the party I has to be either a ...

American Government
How did people vote during colonial times? A. by machine B. by punch cards C. by voice D. by paper ballot I believe its either by paper ballot or voice

American Government
Which of the following does not today fit into any of the four categories of minor parties? A. the Know Nothing Party B. the Green Party C. the Bull Moose Progressive Party D. the Communist Party I think its b

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