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Use the following figure to answer questions 12-14: Figure 3b (British J Derm 2008) comes from a randomized trial of DHA versus a placebo pill for treating eczema. The figure shows boxplots of the eczema severity score, SCORAD, at baseline and week 8 for each group. SCORAD ...

Use the following table to answer questions 7 and 8: This table displays results from a prospective cohort study evaluating meat intake and mortality. The table displays hazard ratios for mortality by quintile of red meat intake. Table 2. Multivariate Analysis for Red, White, ...

Researchers reported that in a sample of U.S. women aged 50 to 54 who underwent mammography, 14.4% were recalled for further evaluation; however, in a similar sample of women undergoing mammography in the United Kingdom, only 7.6% were recalled for further evaluation. What are...

What is the Answer? Is it B?

The effect size in this hypothetical trial (2.7 fewer infections per 1000 vaccinated) is slightly smaller than the effect size found in the real 2009 HIV vaccine trial (2.8 fewer infections per 1000 vaccinated); so why is the p-value smaller? The hypothetical trial has less ...

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) collects yearly statistics on drinking behavior in the United States by surveying a random sample of U.S. adults. The following data display the percent of adults aged 18 years and over who had 5 or more drinks in 1 day at least once in ...

calculate the volume of Nitrogen gas to produce 5.6 dm cube of nitric oxide at STP ,N2 + O2 = 2NO

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