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The list of accounts below and the unadjusted balances of these accounts were taken from the ledger of the Manville Corporation at the end of their accounting period, March 31, 20X2: Cash $ 3,995 Accounts Receivable 13,240 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 120 Inventory—Ap...

Q.an aluminium can of mass 200gm contains 500gms of water at 50c.an ice cube of mass 50gms,initially at a temperature of -20c is thrown into the can of water. i.what is the final temperature onces the ice metls and comes into equilibrium? ii.now a 200gm piece of Iron whose te...

Differential Equations
solve using variation of parameters: y"+36y=[csc(6t)]^2 I don't understand variation of parameters very well at all.


how do you show your work for long division this is the question 61.2 % -7.2

what are the ten building blocks for total health

Thank you !!!!
Great!! this web site is awesome i love it and i appreciate the answers they were very clear thanks again.

ok i have another question these problees are alittle different... it's division: but it says find the quotints and remainders? then it has a problem of: 5 divided by 68 or 68 divided by 5???

Long Division
I need examples on how to help my son do his homework. I'ts Long Division divide Multiply, Subtract then Pull down i have no idea how to do this can someone please help me??? examples on: 8divided by 96 and 6 divided by 84

Mental math
In a certain company 30% of the men and 40% of women attended the annual company picnic,If 25% of all the employees are men,what % of all the employee went to the picnic?

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