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business law
In most states a person under age 18 does not have a) testamentary capacity b) testamentary consent c) testamentary formality d) all of these i think it's d.
December 14, 2006

business law
If a person is injured as a result of an unreasonably dangerous or defective product, how will he or she most likely recover damages for the injury? a) hold the retailer of the product strictly liable. b) hold the wholesaler strictly liable c) hold the manufacturer strictly ...
December 14, 2006

Business Law
true or false a tenancy at sufferance usually involves a holdover tenant. i think it is true. I agree. what are the features of business law If Atricles of Incorporation were never filed through the negligence...
December 14, 2006

solve the system by the method of substitution x-4y=-21 3x+y=2 I got (0,2) Try plugging in x=0 and y=2 into your first equiation and uopu will that your answer must be wrong. Do it this way: x - 4y =-21 12x+ 4y =8 13 x = -13 x = -1 y = 2 - 3x = ? x=0 and y=2 does not satisfy ...
December 14, 2006

Short response
Deadline tonight, please help!!! Thanks! =) Write about your academic interests and the personal or academic experiences that have led to or nurtured those interests. What did you enjoy learning about in high school, either through your classes, extracurricular or leisure ...
December 1, 2006

college application short response
Deadline tonight, please help!!!! Thanks. C.Please explain which of the following you would prefer and why: the opportunity to take a wide range of courses across a range of disciplines including the sciences, social sciences and humanities, or the opportunity to focus on ...
December 1, 2006

There are 14 legs in this group. There are 6 heads in this group. There are 12 ears in this group. There are 50 fingers in this group. There is 1 tail in this group. Who could be in this group? How would these figures change if the dog ran away? :) thats 4 girbils, 1 duck, and...
November 12, 2006

Com 215
How can stereotying effect group relations. Give an example of a sterotype you find in your everyday life. Stereotyping causes a person to view individuals narrowly and representative of a negative image, rather than as unique individuals. If, for instance, if my group views ...
October 21, 2006

Verify the identity . (cscX-cotX)^2=1-cosX/1+cosX _______ sorry i cant help you (cscX-cotX)=1/sinX - cosX/sinX = (1-cosX)/sinX If you square this you have (1-cosX)^2/(sinX)^2 Now use (sinX)^2 = 1 - (cosX)^2 to get (1-cosX)^2 / 1 - (cosX)^2 = [(1-cosX)*(1-cosX)]/[(1 - cosX)*(1...
October 9, 2006

2x + 1/2 = x/2 + 1/3 Subtract the x/2 from both sides to get 2x + 1/2 - x/2 = + 1/3 Now subtract 1/2 from both sides to get 2x + - x/2 = 1/3 - 1/2 Then combine terms on both sides and solve for x. Subtract the x/2 from both sides to get 2x + 1/2 - x/2 = + 1/3 Now subtract 1/2 ...
September 17, 2006

Social Studies!
2) Cape Cod 3) Atlantic costal plains
September 9, 2006

The room was quiet enough for her to slip into a sound sleep usually their was a constant commotion, her roommates coming and going or someone on the phone speaking loudy as if the one on the other end of the line was deaf. What is your question about this passage? If you need...
August 16, 2006

prepositions- In time you should be able to do the following with this program: - Question is this a correct use of a preposition? Yes, it's the correct use of both prepositions. However, the phrase in time is not completely clear. I suggest you change it to Within a short...
August 14, 2006

How can we ensure that teenagers play a meanigful role in the economy? How can we ensure that teenagers play a meanigful role in the economy? ***The most significant way is to get a solid education and prepare for the future, being significant producers instead of drains. This...
August 31, 2005

Phylogenetic classification
August 31, 2005

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