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Calculus Max Profit
To make pom poms in our school colors, we will have expenses of $100 to rent the Acme PomPom Plant, and then $0.25 per pom pom in materials. We believe that we can sell 500 pom poms if we charge $1.50. Assume the number sold is a linear function of the price. How much should w...

substance drug addiction
A clear explanation of drug addiction how human factor that may cause ill health, accidents, crises or disaster.

Your spacecraft is in a circular, geostationary orbit around earth and you would like to fly to the moon. Draw a suitable Hohmann transfer orbit that will get you there. How long does the journey take? (Neglect the gravitational fields of the moon and the sun for this problem,...

System of equation can be solved by graphing or by using substitution or elimation. What are the pros and cons for each methods?

if y=3x+7 how do you finish the t-table for linear equation? X y -3 blank blank 4

social studies
usually it's state history in 4th grade

100g of bone contain ratio of 14C and 12C. 6.8% 14C is present in the living tissue, how old was the skeleton? [for 14C, half-life is 5.73x10^3 years] please help me choose an equation for this type of question.

chemistry math
linen scrolls contain 80.9% of Carbon-14. how old are the scrolls if the half-life for deacy is 5.73X10^3?? plz tell me what type of equation to use.

3rd grade
what is the predicate for the following sentence: China is one of the worlds biggest countries

if 5/6th of a radioactive sample decay in 70 years and 1/6th remain. how can you find the half life without knowing the decay constant can you help?

im not sure wether i should talk about like on kind of individual or like groups of different people

who contributes the most to society and why?

who contributes the most to society and why?

i need help factoring this 4x squared + 80x - 276 = 0 i think i have to divide by 4 or something but i cnat get it some1 please help me

right now i got 4(x 23) (x 2) because i factored 4 out am i doing this right i need help

i cant get the right factor

can you factor this 4x squared + 80x -276=0

i found the answer x=3 but i dont kno how to show my work. lol

you want to expand the garden by planting a border of flowers. the border will have the same width around the entire garden.the flowers you brought will fill an area of 276sq.ft. How wide should the border be? The inside is 24ft by 16ft but i need to find x.

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