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cell biology
1.The________particle halts the translation of the mRNA to a polypeptide before checking to the ER a. singal recognition, permanently b. signal recognition protein receptor, permanently c. singal recognition, temporarily d. signal recognition protein receptor, temporarily I th...

The binding of alanine to tRNAala is mediated by the enzyme...... a. aminoacyle-tRAN SYNTHSE b. amino-tRAN SYNTHSE c. aminoacyle-tRAN synhetase d. amino-tRAN syntase I think the right answer is c, but not sure. Please check

1. The process by which the ER uptakes an incipient polypetide concurrent with treanslation of the peptide is called..... a. co-import translation b. co- translation import c. co-transcription import d. co-transprt I believe the answer is "c" please check I think not...

1. The number 1,2 and 3 are the nucleotides of the anticodon for the mRNA codon 5' AUG 3'. Thus in order of 1, 2 and 3 the sequence of this anitocodon is...... a. UTG b. ATG c. GUA d. CAU I believe the answer is "d", Please check

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