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What is the molarity of a solution composed of 2.23 g of potassium iodide (KI) dissolved in enough water to make 0.181 L of solution? Answer in units of M

Jean will receive $8,500 per year for the next 15 years from her trust. If a 7% interest rate is applied, what is the current value of the future payments? I get a rounded sum of $200,180.

The Harding Co. in its first year earned $39,000 in revenues and received $33,000 cash from customers. They incurred expenses $22,000, but had not paid $2,250 of them at year-end. Harden also prepaid $3,750 cash for expenses to be incurred in the next year. Calculate the first...

in the equation 6p+4(70-P)=300. how do i find the value of p ?

Criminal Justice
What is an effective presentation in the Criminal Justice System?

A helium-neon laser ( λ=633nm) illuminates a single slit and is observed on a screen 1.50m behind the slit. The distance between the first and second minima in the diffraction pattern is 4.75 mm. What is the width (in mm) of the slit?

A wizard with a long beard and bright, flaming eyes places a table in front of you. On the table are two circular rings resembling frisbees. The wizard motions to the table. "We call them Galadriel rings after the great elf of Middle Earth, and we use the rings to test hu...

Pre Calculus
The diameter of a ferris wheel is 250 feet and θ is the central angle formed as Dave travels around the wheel. Dave starts his ride at Point 0, makes 4 complete revolutions and stops at Point 1, 45 degrees from Point 0. If his ride takes 5 minutes, how fast was he going i...

What would happen to the chromosome number if there were no meiosis in the formation of gametes? Why cells undergoing mitosis require one set of division but cells undergoing meiosis need two sets of divisions?

compare cost control strategies of employer-sponsored health plans

If the temperature of a solution goes from 27 degrees celcius to 36 degrees celcius for a 5,0 g sample, how would you determine the energy produced by the reaction?

MAT 116 Week 7 quiz
9x+5y=2 -6x+y=16

Physical Science
Suppose you want to heat 40 kg of water by 20 C. How many joules of heat are required?

Link: theweatherprediction.c0m/habyhints/170/ change c0m to com

Google 'how to find wet bulb depression' and click the 7th link. Sorry, you cannot post links here

Algebra 2, Grade 10
Factor and solve for when x = 0 Or put it into a graphing calculator. x = {-1.58113883, 1.58113883, -1.732050808, 1.732050808}

Sorry about the Subject

Help with Translation
Indeed; Please help.

Cranberry productions in Mass totaled 1.8 million barrels in 2004, 28% increase from previous year's production. This year's crop avg 127.9 barrels per acre, an increase of over 30 barrels per acre from 2003 crop. But demand increased by even more than supply, actually...

visual arts
What are the elements and principles of designs?

actually he does have our administrators permission to do this, especially since we have an in-class final where we cannot use any resources or notes. i am not a cheater and i dont want the answers, i just want to know how to get started on these problems, as i have stated before

Hello! This is my take home final for my chemistry class and I can use any resources to help me solve the questions. Can someone help me get started on all of them? Thanks… (note: he wants us to solve them using stoichiometry) 1. The resting calorie use of a human is abou...

Childhood Education Question
1.Developing problem solving skills is a product of which approach? conventional,learning,information, or emergent creative 2.A teacher who gives lots of information to her students and asks close-ended questions uses which approach? information,conventional, emergent creative...

Social Studies
What are the nine types of landforms? please help! This site is excellent.

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