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social problems
Justin makes a comfortable living as a construction worker. Other people who were in high school with him have bigger houses and drive fancier cars. Justin thinks he deserves to have more money, so he begins to make plans to rob a bank. What theory of violence best explains hi...

pure liquid
what is the density,volume and mass of a pure liquid

Which of the following is sometimes held to be the only event for which there is no cause? a.freewill b.emotions c.viruses d. moral character Is it free will not sure

A perfect positive or negative correlation means that A) the explanatory causes the y-variable. B) 100% of the variation is explained. C) we get the same regression equation if we switch the x and y variables. D) the slope of the regression equation is 1.0 I chose B

Because perfect correlation is r= 1 or r= -1? Is my answer not correct?

If two variables are very strongly associated, the correlation between them will be near 1.0 or -1.0. A) False B) True I put false because the variable have to be quantitative and they have to be perfect...

The annual snowfall in a town can be represented by the Normal model N(46, 6.8). In about 2.5% of the years, the annual snowfall in this town will exceed: A) 46 inches B) 39.2 inches C) 52.8 inches D) 59.6 inches E) 66.4 inches I don't know how to set this problem up to ch...

The river which carries the most traffic in Europe and is the continent's most important inland waterway is the: Is it the Rhine river or the Danube River not sure. i think it is the Danube River am i correct?

Help please criminal j.
Obtaining a confession by _______ is constitutional. a. misrepresentations b. psychological coercion c. physical coercion d. none of the above I choose D. none of the above

Help please criminal j.
1. In re Gault assured juveniles a. the right to a jury trial b. all the above c. due process in the legal system d. the right to be tried as an adult All the above 2. Obtaining a confession by__ is constitution a. misrepresentations b. psychologicalcoercion c. physical coerci...

Chemistry 2 Lab
Nevermind. I got it. It would help if I looked at the concentration data that my lab book gives me complete the problem:)

Chemistry 2 Lab
Calculate the degree of ionization of acetic acid in solution 1 through 3? All I am giving is the pH... pH of solution 1= 3 pH of solution 2= 3.5 pH of solution 3= 5 Then, I did this... HC2H3O2 (aq) + H2O (l) equals H3O+ (aq) + C2H3O2- (aq) Ka= 1.7 E -5 (according to chart in ...

If some NH4Cl is added to an aqeous solution of NH3: A. pH of solution will decrease B. PH will not change C. pH will increase D. NH4Cl cannot be added to NH3 E. The solution will not have pH I think the answer is B, because if NH4Cl is added to the solution of NH3, then solut...

What will happen if a small amount of hydrochloric acid is added to a 0.1 M solution of HF? A) The percent ionization of HF will increase. B) The percent ionization of HF will decrease. C) The percent ionization of HF will remain unchanged. D) Ka for HF will increase. E) Ka fo...

A solution has a hydroxide-ion concentration of 7.48X10-5 M. What is it's hydronium-ion centration? I have no idea where to begin on this question...

Thanks. Is there a way to tell how one acid is weaker than the other or do you have to memorize the charts?

Determine the direction of the following reaction from the relative strengths of acids and bases: H2S(aq) + C2H3O2-(aq) yields Hc2H3O2(aq) + HS-(aq) The book says this will favor the reactants. I'm confused...shouldn't this be neutral because both reactants and product...

At 900.0K, the equilibrium comstant (kp) for the following reaction is 0.345 2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) yields 2SO3 (g) At equilibrium the partial pressure of SO2 is 35.0 atm and that of O2 is 15.9 atm. What is the partial pressure of SO3 in atm? 6.20 X 10-4 ( I think it is this one) 1...

I think I tried to do the ICE and got... 2.06/2.00=1.03 M 0.0227/2.00=0.0114 M but got lost after that and ended up with 1.73 X 10-6...I am really struggling on these problems...

2NF3(g) yields N2(g) + 3F2(g) When 2.06 mol of NF3 is placed in a 2.00L container and allowed to come to equilibrium at 800K, the mixture is found to contain 0.0227 mol of N2. What is the value of Kp at this temp? 1.91 X 10-3 1.73 X 10-6 (think this is it) 4.43 X 10-7 1.83 X 10-3

Sir, thank you for answering. I thought it was the adding the Cl2, but it was wrong. That is why I went with decreasing the temp, but now knowing that it is wrong as well. I think my only option is the addition of PCl5 (which I meant to put at the top vice Pcl4) I hope I am on...

Consider the following equilibrium: PCl3 (g) + Cl2 (g) yields PCl5 (g) delta H= -92KJ The concentration of PCl3 at equilibrium may be increased by: decreasing the temp (think this is it) adding Cl2 to the system the addition of neon the additio of PCl4

Calculate the molecular weight of a small protein if a 0.32 g sample dissolved in 161 mL of H2O has an osmotic pressure of 9.0 mmHg at 25 degree celcius. (R=0.0821 L X atm/K X mol)

Our Milky Way galaxy is very similar to our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. Consider that each galaxy contains approximately 4.0 x 10^11 stars each star having an average mass of 2.0 x 10^30 kg. a. If the gravitational pull of Andromeda is 2.4 x 10^30 N, how far away is Andromed...

What does Que compras tu para tu madre? Mean

How do you say "I will travel to California in the fall" in Spanish

Choose a real or made up example of a company, and describe at least three fixed costs the company has.

beuaty lies in the eyes of the beholder

math sequence
the first 5 terms of a linear sequence are given below: 8,6,4,2,0... What is the 100th term in the sequence? A. -192 B. -190 C. -108 D. -90 I could figure this out in like 5 minutes, but I know there's a pattern I can't remember to figure it out quicker.

4y + 5x = -7 divide everything by 4 to get y alone 4y/4 + 5x/4 = -7/4 y + 5x/4 = -7/4 subtract 5x/4 from both sides of equation y +5x/4 = -7/4 -5x/4 -5x-4 ________________ y = -5x -7 / 4 -5x - 7 ___________ 4

x + 15 = 85 - 15 -15 (subtract 15 from both sides of equation to get x alone and keep equation equal.) x=70

100th term of sequence?
the first five terms of a linear sequence are 8,6,4,2,0.... What is the 100th term of the sequence? I could figure this out with a few minutes of patience. But I know there is formula which I cannot find anymore to solve it quicker :)

the first five terms of a sequence are shown below: 8,6,4,2,0 ... What is the 100th term in the sequence? A. -192 B. -190 C. -108 D. -90 I know how to figure this out but it would take a few minutes. There UST be some sort of formula?

mistyped before. A sphere has a volume of 500/3 pi cubic centimeters. What is the total surface area in square centimeters, of the sphere? The correct answer is 100pi, but I have no idea why. I need to see it worked out from start to finish :(

a sphere has a volume of 500/3pi cubvic centimeters. What is the total surface area, in square centimeters, of the square? The answer is 100pi, but i dont know why. HELP!!!!!!!!!

a sphere has a volume of 500/3 pi cubic centimeters. What is the total surface area, in sqaure cntimeters, of the square? A. 25 pi B. 40 pi C. 100 pi D. 400 pi Please show your work. im very confused :(

scientific notation needs to re-written as 2.25x10 to a power. exponents always confuse me, but my answer has to equal 225,000,000. so 10 to the second power is 100. it also has 2 zeroes after the one. 1000 is ten to the hird power (3 zeroes after the ones. 100,000,000 would t...

math test
15 is a whole number. .56 is a decimal. so it needs to be rewritten as 15.00 -0.56 _______ 14.44 in whic case the asnwer is 14.44 :)

a sphere has a volume of 500/3pi cubic centimeters. What is the total surface area, in square centimeters, of the sphere?

Suppose that weights are bell shaped with a mean of 120 pounds and a standard deviation of 10 pounds. What percentage of weights is between 110 and 130 pounds

MATH(please check only)
Number of Cans of Corn Cost 3 $1.95 5 $ 3.25 6 $3.90 9 $5.85 Write an equation to represent the data how do i do that I think the answer is 0.65n = c

Number of Cans of Corn Cost 3 $1.95 5 $ 3.25 6 $3.90 9 $5.85 Write an equation to represent the data how do i do that

L x W x H = volume

Social Studies(child Labor)
I need a creative idea for my child labor board. What should i paint on my board can u help me please

Square root of 14abc times the square root of 2ab

Three Coulombs of charge flow through a wire in 150 ms. If the current ceases to flow (goes to zero Amps) for the following 850 ms, what is the average current over this one-second period?

6x+1408-88x=1072 you may move the decimal 1 place if you want 1408-82x=1072 1408-1072=82x 336=88x x=336/88

where are the answers?

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test scores are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. What is the probability that a person would score 130 or more on the test?

i need help making a catapult. im gonna check my pc tomorrow

Algebra II
i needhelp with solving systems of equetions algebrically

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