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got 1 more for you... To succeed in the new economy, workers will have to learn thoughout their careers, adapt to changing circumstances, and self-motivation will be needed. this is my version... To succeed in the new economy workers have to learn throughout their career, adap...

Thank you very much. It reads much better and is probably proper, where mine..not as much.

Revise the folloing sentences to create parallel constructions. (Question) Some students hate math; some students dislike math, and math is liked by other students. (my answer) Some students hate math, some dislike math, and some like math. every way I have tried it just doesn...

What are positive and negative ramifications of discounted fee-of-service arrangements

woops i meant 0.005250707, still wrong.

DrBob's solution for the molar fraction is wrong. I did what he said moles Na2SO4/ total moles: 0.293/55.802.... to get 0.00250679 and in my online quiz it was wrong.

A platform rotates at an angular speed of 2.2 rad/s.  A block rests on the platform a distance of 0.3m from the axis.  Static friction coeffient= 0.5.  Without any external torque acting on the system, the block is moved towards the axis.  Ignore the m...

a tank of helium gas used to inflate toy baloons is a pressure of 15.5 x 10 Pa and a temp of 293 k. The tank's volume is 0.020 m. How are a baloon would it fill at 1.00 atmosphere and 323 k

why should heating a content containing Zn and HCl be heated in fume hood.

No, they are extra for a reason. It is more important to focus on your education than sports and things you do for fun.

Google it!!

5th grade

4th grade math fractions
three different improper fractions that equal 4 1/2

From a base elevation of 7000 ft, a mountain peak in colorado rises to a summit elevation of 14507 ft over a horizontal distance of 15842 ft. find the grade of the peak.

4th grade
i dont now whats a trapezoid

The 1918 Influenza Epidemic was the worse one on record. People infected early in the epidemic had a mild flu, while those later infected had a much more severe form of the disease. What is the explanation for this observation and what laboratory studies mimic these results? W...

155g * 5696J * 15c (convert 15c to Joules)

2x-3/8 less then or equal to-8 or 2x-3/8 greater then or equal to 4 what is the solution of the compound inequality is

-1/4x_> -5/8 the solution set is {x:x____ and ____}

write interval notation ofr the set {x:-4>x>-8}

write the set {x/ x< - 5 in interval notation what is the correct interval

write the reaction for the neutralization of nitric acid with calcium hydroxide.

chem 101
how many unit cells in fcc gold?

medical coding
can you differentiate the official coding guidelines for using V codes in an inpatient and outpatient setting

3a-2b=12 2a+b=1 multiply eq 2 x 2 4a+2b=2 eliminate b by subtracting eq (1) from (3) 4a+2b=2 3a-2b=12 a=-10 am i going right so far??

3a-2b=12 2a+b=1 Multiply eq 2 by 2 4a+2b=2 Eliminate b by subtracting eq (1) from (3) 4a+2b=1 3a-2b=12 a= -11 Am i going right so far?

Literature Help quick question
In the book you don't know me by david klass does anyone know what John's stepfather name was? I think it was Stan but I'm not sure.

Given that f(x)= 2x-5 and g(x) =x^2-31, calculate the value of 1)f(-2)= 2(-2)-5 = -1 is this correct? 2) gf(1)= 1-31 = -30 is this correct? 3)f indirect 1(3) how do i do this one?

algebra (math)
you divide the top number by the bottom number. For Example say you had 5/4= so you would divide 4 into 5. So the answer would be 1/1/4. You can also check you answer Step 1: put 1/1/4 on a piece of paper. Step 2: multipliy the bottom number which is 4(the denominator)and 1(th...

To Mrs. Sue
Ok thanks Mrs. Sue for trying I apperaticate it.

Literature question
Can someone please give me a link to where I can find character descriptions from the book You Don't Know Me by David Klass.

Literature question
I've recently read the book You Don't Know Me by David Klass. But in the book it never said the setting (what state is this taking place in). If you recently read the book could you please tell me the setting.

Literature quick question
Can someone help me or give me a link to where I can find chapter summaries, or book notes for the story You Don't Know Me by David Klass. Thanks

5th grade
The answer is, 330. What I did was... 355-25=330 :):)

A 75.0mL sample of 1.48×10−2M Na2SO4(aq) is added to 75.0mL of 1.28×10−2M of Ca(NO3)2(aq). What percentage of the remains unprecipitated? Express your answer using two significant figures.

english grammar
underline the phrases in the following sentence and circle the non- finite verb,if any. Given a chance, Susan would like to go on a trek in the Himalayas.

for part B i got pH = 5.91 + log (0.1632/0.008324) =6.75

Part C What additional volume of 10.0 would be needed to exhaust the remaining capacity of the buffer after the reaction described in Part B? Express your answer in milliliters using two significant figures.

sickle cell Anaemia?

i was trying to calculate wut grade i got if the avg on a midterm was 47.76 and the mean was 10.19 i got 37 wut grade did i get?

(5-4i)(8+i)=40+5i-40i-4i*i(4 square) =40-35i-4i*i

What volume of ethylene glycol (C2H6O2), a nonelectrolyte, must be added to 20.0 L of water to produce an antifreeze solution with a freezing point of -28.0°C? (The density of ethylene glycol is 1.11 g/cm3, and the density of water is 1.00 g/cm3.) .....L What is the boilin...

i have to write a letter to an environmental agency about a topic i chose to write about how regulations need to be put on the amount of Co2 cars are putting into the atmosphere. so i have that idea....but now i need to say what actions i would want the govt/agency to take.......

i need to write a letter to the environmental defense fund about an environmental issue..... any ideas on what i can write about? i was thinking about writing about how there needs to limits on how much Co2 can enter the environment....but it seems kinda hard to find informati...

Neutron diffraction is used in determining the structures of molecules. (a) Calculate the de Broglie wavelength of a neutron moving at 9.00% of the speed of light. __ m (b) Calculate the velocity of a neutron with a wavelength of 65 pm (1 pm = 10-12 m). __m/s

The mass of each of the two blocks is 1.50 kg, and the insulated tank is filled with 220 g of water. What is the increase in the temperature of the water after the blocks fall through a distance of 2.50 m? I am trying to use the eq Q=MCTriangleT however i do not know where to ...


Two 1 km fibers are spliced together. Each fiber has a 5 db loss and the splice adds the 1 db of loss. If the power entering is 2mW, then how much power is delivered to the end of this combined transmission line ?

A receiver requires 10 mW as input power. If all the system losses add up to 50 db, then how much power is required from all the source ?

A coal producer has the following total cost: TC=$187,500+$5Q+$0.0003Q2, where Q is tons of coal produced per month. Calculate the firm’s maximum profit if coal price is stable at $20/ton. (7 points)

what organs in the human body are lipids found

create a table lays out day by day plan to use a job aid for your employment search,spanning 3 weeks.

Behavioral Science
Explain the communication process of neurons in the brain. List some common neurotransmitters and describe their effects on behavior.

math (need help badly)
the vertices of triangle DEF are D(5,12)and E(2,7) and F(8,4) Triangle DEF undergoes an enlargement with the centre ,O, and scale factors k.Its image is D`E`F` where D(5,12)arrow D`(7.5,18) a)How do i detremine the value of k

what was used to protect penguins from oil spills

simplify: a^2+4a/a^2+3a-4

Vector Algebra
Find the direction angles of the vector given below. Then write each vector in the form v = ||v||[(cos A) i + (cos B) i + (cos Y) k ]. v = -6i + 12j + 4k

American History
Why didn't the Dawes Severalty Act succeed/work?

unsramble words
I need to unscramble these to words nitbociasit and aukkk

.125m or 125000000nm

14 line 10 syllable poem
the sun is sunshine the birds r fly

Hum 130
What are at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples? (Broken Link Removed)

algebra check please
2/3 (7/8 - 4x) - 5/8 = 3/8 multiply 2/3 by 7/8 - 4x 2/3 x 7/8 = 7/12 2/3 x -4x = -8/3x 7/12 - 8/3x - 5/8 -1/24 - 8/3x = 3/8 add -1/24 to both sides -8/3x = 3/8 + 1/24 -8/3x = 5/12 x = 5/12 / -8/3 x = -15/96 or answer: x = -5/32

Info. literacy
what is the call number of the oldest copy of Ellison's Shadow and Act? Ask your librarian for the call number for her library on that book what is the call number of the oldest copy of Ellisons shadow and act

information literacy
what year was the oldest copy of Ralph Ellison's Going to the Territory published? That book was published in l986

financial mathematics
Qn 1. The easy loan company has a finance charge of 0.089% per day on out standing balances.What is the effective rate? Qn 2. Seven days after Jay's company borrowed R10,000,000 interest to the amount of R37,876,71 had to be paid. The simple interest rate equals? come on r...

financial mathematics
jeromeborrowed an amount of money on 16th june 1999. he has to pay Ri7500 back on 25th feb 2000. what was the amount borrowed if simple interest of 26% is chargedd? qn 2. For 20yrs sidney deposited R200 every month into an account. this account earned 15% intrest compounded mo...

143.6 ft

french questions
are these correct? Si tu pense que ton colère affecté tes relations et qualité de vie. Si tu pense de ta colère constante Si c’est causer par quel que choses qui a arriver long temps passé Si il causer toi de faire des choses de vengeanc...

if a bar of copper is brought near a magnet, the copper bar will be not magnetic, nonferrous, not attracted to the magnet, etc

word unscramble

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