February 27, 2017

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To maintain power, the authoritarian government most rely on the support of a. Labourers and farmers b. Military and police forces people and educators d. Civil servants and religious leaders
May 13, 2014

The Canadian government attempts to ensure that each federal constituency a. Represents a specific ethnic group b. Includes territory from two or more provinces c. Contains approximately the same number of voyers d. Groups together citizens with similar political beliefs
May 13, 2014

social studies
"terracotta was a significant part of bengal ancient time"-explaion
March 23, 2014

social studies
" The Supreme Court has to censor and limit our first amendment rights." - determine whether the statement above is true or false. - pick one side of the argument - use cases and precedents as examples - have a thesis statement - have a concluding statement
April 23, 2012

i'm having trouble with coming up with a topic sentence about death.
November 21, 2009

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