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How many photons of frequency 2.7*10^14 Hertz would be needed to light a 60 Watt light bulb for 1hr?

The new vapor pressure of a solution of 3.25g of an unknown compound in 22.35g of H2O is 114.9mmHg at 55 degrees Celcius. What is the molar mass of the unknown compound?

A compound is composed of 19.998% carbon, 3.331% hydrogen, 23.320% nitrogen, and 53.302% Oxygen. Its molar ass is 120.07 gram/mole. What are the empirical and molecular formulas?

If you have a 29.6 mass percent KCl in benzene,what is the new boiling point?

12th grade
height of the tree O ________________________ = __ Tan 25= Cast shadow of the tree A 41 Cast shadow = ________ tAN 25 = 87.9

Mr. Miller says, Plan on a quarter pound of hamburger per person." There are 21 people in the class, including Mr. Miller and us." How much money should be collected for the cost of each burger in each student? if Hamburger Meat: $1.49 per pound ( limit: 5 pounds per...

iatrochemistry -what is it? -who created it? cant use wikipedia :s thanks!

iatrochemistry -what is it? -who created it? (facts about him/her)

algebra 2

P=2l +2w 222 = 2(w+47) + 2w 222= 2w +94 +2w 222=4w+94 222-94=4w+94-94 128=4w 32=w so length = w+47 length = 32+47=79

the other slice will be 80 degrees since the other is 60.

Atlantis is a small, isolated island in the South Atlantic. The inhabitants grow potatoes and catch fresh fish. The accompanying table shows the maimum annual output combinations of potatoes and fish that can be produced. Obviously, given their limited resources and available ...

Sci120: Dependance of man on the enviroment
bogus analysis using quasi-scientific jargon, but has little or no objectivity

what 2 numbers come next 4, 16, 32


which is a vague pronoun and why? this increasing pollution is a big problem or this is a big problem

The slope of the line y=3/2x+4 is changed to 5/6 but the y intercept remains the same. What is the equation of the new line?

4th grade New
I got 18. How did you get your answer?

4th grade New
Jason is thinking of a number. He adds 8, multiplies by 2, subtracts 4,and then divides by 2. The result is twenty-four. What number is Jason thinking of?

4th grade
4:30 p.m. thanks Ms. Sue

4th grade
Kenny wants to get to the pool 25 minutes before the pool opens. It takes him 20 minutes to drive, and 15 minutes to pack up. At what time should he start packing up if the pool opens at 5:30 p.m.?

in line 4 what does Fairy king attend and mark I do hear the morning lark

the best in this kind are but shadows is

in life without principle thoreau writes I would have had him deal with hisprivated experience as the poet does what does this mean

What does the narrative of Sojourmer truth take place

The form of the poem God's Grandeur is that of

thca 230
what types of reform effort is being implented to improve caregivers socialization skills

algebra (slope)
find the value of y so that the line passing through the two points has the given slope. (8.y), (2,-3), m=1/2

I'm still kind of confused =S

find the value of y so that the line passing through the two points has the given slope. 1. (6,y), (3,3). m=2/3 2. (8,y), (2,-3). m=1/2 I know the formula: y2-y1/m2-m1 and I've been trying to do this for a long time now, but I still don't get it. please help. thanks!

write the equation in slope-intercept form. then graph the equation. 1. 6x-4y=3 2. 2y+5x=10 can you please help me with at least one of them? thanks! also, where it says 'then graph the equation', I know we can't graph here, so you can ignore that. but if you know ...

d. not given it should be seven thousandths


c. 4 and 5 (it's 4.5825757, 4 and 5 are the closest to that number)

in 1992, a software company had a profit of $30,000,000. in 1998, the company had a profit of $210,000,000. find the average rate of change of the company's proft in dollars per year. I have no idea how to this. please explain step-by-step.. thnxx

find the x-intercept of the graph of the equation: 1. 4x-5y=8 2. 3y-10x=4 answers that I got: 1. x=2 2. -2/5 ___________________________________ find the y-intercept of the graph of the equation: 3. 7-12x=3y 4. 4y+9=5x my answer: 3. 2 1/3 4. 2 1/4 can you pleae check if they&#...

5th Grade Math
Habor seal aquarium =) 300,000 by 0.20 equals 60,000 (habor seal)

Pt: about 195 g/mol if I'm not mistaken..

can you come up with any symbols in "to kill a mockingbird"? I already have the mockingbird as a symbol.. any other? thank you

needd a answers to a lesson to remember

Jimmy is traveling at a speed of 60 mi/h. What is his speed in feet per second?

The United States emitted 19.5 million t of nitrogen oxides (NO) into the atmosphere in 1987. One metric ton (1 t) equals 1,000 kg. How many kilograms of NO were emitted to the atmosphere in the United States during 1987?

law and ethics in medicicine
If Dr. Jones is practicing "defensive medicine," whiat is likely to be his motivation for doing so?

At what rate would a 120-pound person burn calories while bicycling at 12 mi/h?

How many hours would a person have to jump rope in order to lose 1 pound? If a person uses 750 cal/h. A person needs to burn off 3,500 calories more than he or she takes in to lose 1 pound. I need to know how to set up the problem and I can figure out the answer.

How many hours would a person have to jump rope in order to lose 1 pound? If a person uses 750 cal/h.

Days Stayed Frequency 3 60 4 51 5 14 6 22 7 8 What is the probability a patient stayed at least 5 days? (Round to the nearest thousandth)

math,pre statistics
Two dice are rolled. What is the probability that it is not doubles?

Jim signed a new deal for $10 million with the Toronto maple leafs. THe terms of the contract were 1 million immediately and 800,000 per year for the next 5 years (first payment after 1 year) and $1 million per year for the next 5 years (first payment at year 6). If jim's ...

Hi there, can you see if i have translated the english djibouti anthem correctly into French. Djibouti National Anthem Arise with strength; for we have raised our flag, The flag which has cost us dear With extremes of thirst and pain. Our flag, whose colours are the everlastin...


3rd grade
Shatter and Break have the same sound as batter and stake. I'd go with B on that one. That's the best I can come up with!

9th grade
In a crystal how are the atoms arranged?

math(Please help!!!)
ummm sorry

does anyone know the fundamentals of measure units?? thank you

Literature Invisible man
doesnt the theme of mutual complex fate (modernism) go against the other theme of self reliance?

A cytology student believes he has identified an individual suffering from monoploidy. The instructor dismisses the claim. Why was the claim dismissed? What type of cells were being viewed.

Hey John I don't think it's a joke. (really) The country I am sad to say is really like DUMB (sorry to say that) Your not the only one. But if I tell any teacher that they would be like so mad! So many people are proud of the country! at least one American is smart her...

Math -- Statistic types used in public speaking
Thanks PSYDAG -- I am going to try to get my brain in gear and understand. I appreciate your time and information.

Math -- Statistic types used in public speaking
This is actually in my communications class. I have to decide which is the best statistic type is best to use in my speech. (mean, median or mode) I am struggling to decide which statistic would be used to support the following assertions? Louisiana’s educational system h...

find the domain of the function f(x)=2x

elderly people
Which were the roles of elderly people in mesopotamy,egypt,greece or rome? Here are previous answers to this question. Please read through as many as possible. =)

How elderly people lived in ancient Rome and Greece? About 5 percent of ancient Rome's population was over age 65. Considering that Rome's population was about one million in 5 B.C., about 50,000 of the people were over age 65. Sources:

An advertisement for a pineapple drink claims taht the drink contains 15%pineapple juice. How much pure pineapple juice would have to be added to 8 quarts of the drink to obtain a mixture containing 50% pineapple juice? Let's look at how much pineapple is in it now. 8 time...

An advertisement for a pineapple drink claims taht the drink contains 15%pineapple juice. How much pure pineapple juice would have to be added to 8 quarts of the drink to obtain a mixture containing 50% pineapple juice? This is a mixture problem. Pineapple drink + pure juice =...

social studies (elderly people)
How third age people live in America, Africa and Asia, which is the different roles they play in different societies. (I am 11 years old) It's difficult to generalize about the roles of the elderly in such large continents. In general, Asian senior citizens tend to be hono...

if current theory predicts global warming what do you think might be contributing to temporary global cooling?how could this happen? Global cooling is a myth, at least as for as mainstream science is concerned.

this is too funny I am a axia student in the same ethics class in march of 2010 looking for the same answer as everyone else here was.

MW:CH4N2O(Urea) 60g/mole x 245/1000000 x .100L = .00147g urea. So weigh out .00147g urea and mix it with water in a volumetric flask up to exactly 100mL. Since 1ppm =1mg/1kg or 1/1000000

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