February 1, 2015

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A hollow glass block floats in a container of ethanol. Initially, everything is at a temperature of 20 degrees C, and 6% of the block is above the surface of the ethanol. If you everything gradually and evenly, at what temperature will the block sink to the bottom? Beta value ...
February 21, 2010

Point A is 5 m from a loudspeaker. At point B, the loudspeaker sounds half as loud as at point A. How far is point B from the loudspeaker? I get 50 m, but the answer is supposed to be 15.8 m. I need to know what I'm doing wrong. By my (apparently flawed) reasoning: Point A...
February 10, 2010

Clapeyron equation: dp/dT = ΔS / ΔV My textbook says, for fusion/melting reactions: dp/dT = ΔH / (T ΔV) this implies that T * ΔS = ΔH. I know T * ΔS = q and at constant pressure, that equals H, but the dp/dT reaction is not at constant...
March 11, 2009

Current events
How does the economic crisis effect countries like new zealand? What are countries doing to help with this crisis?
October 15, 2008

(7) is the answer: b
December 11, 2006

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