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2x+6 < 5(x-3) distribute 5 into x-3 2x+6 < 5x-15 move all x to one side 6 < 5x-15-2x simplify 6 < 3x-15 move 15 to other side 6+15 < 3x simplify 21 < 3x get x alone by dividing 3 on both sides 21/3 < 3x/3 simplify 7 < x and thats how you solve it.

well you can always just plug the answers into both equations and solve them. Answer: A

A hydraulic ram is a device that uses the pressure created by a large amount of water falling a small distance to raise a portion of that water to a much greater height. It is suitable in valleys where springs feed a stream below, where farms needing irrigation are at the top ...

Is the nucleus composed of protons and neutrons?
protons and neutrons. The electrons are on the outside keeping the protons inside.

Well first you add up the currently known grades: 84, 65, and 76. (known grades) Next multiply 80 by 4 to get the total amount for his test scores. (wanted average) Finally subtract the total for his known grades from his wanted average.

okay that makes sense thanks.

12th grade physics ap question. A baseball with a mass of 120 g is hit 21.8 m into the air. The ball is caught by the third baseman 2.5 m above the ground. What potential energy did the ball develop at its highest point? How much potential energy did it still have when it was ...

Well you know the force and mass. So use this formula: F=ma. F=250N m=20kg Just rearrange it and you will be able to get the maximum acceleration the sack can withstand before breaking.

yellow, blue, and red.

Well lets break this up first. Clue 1: is i am a 3 digit number less than 200, only number possible there is 1. Clue 2: is the tens is 2x ones' place. so look at clue 3. clue 3: The ones place is 2. So then the tens is 2 times 2 which is 4. So the number would be 142.

For A you need to find the resultant. So since you know it moves 2.4 m/s north and 2.3 m/s east you can use the Pythagorean theorem to find it. For B i am not as sure about but it most likely is asking you to find the angle (based from east) where the boat is moving. So use in...

HELP! I have a friction question that says: What causes rocks to become smooth and founded. I know it's friction, but why?

A restaurant offers an "appetizer-plate special" consisting of six selections from its list of appetizers. If there are more than 8000 different possible appetizer-plate specials, what is the least possible number of appetizers?

how do you do intergers

susy has 22 coins in her pocket totaling $1.80. what combination of coins could she have *riminder the numbers of coins has to equal 22 but the amount has to equal to 1.80

how do you multiply intergers EX..... -4 x 5 = -20 4 x 5 = 20 right? Well the negative 4 makes your answer into a negative number also. Do you get it now?

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