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cultural diversity
NAEYC supports "third space" thinking as a desirable technique for use in A. stimulating children's right-brain processes. B.enhancing staff performance in the early childhood setting. C.Resolving conflicts, especially those involving cultural issues. ...

cultural diversity

cultural diversity
I read again i think right answer is C if is not please let me know right answer.

cultural diversity
Advocates of social skills building and role modeling would not be inclined to choose a Western style of play because Western play. a. has a people focus, not an object an object focus b. is impossible for many non-mainstream children to master c. lacks a rule-based orientatio...

cultural diversity
An early learning center that emphasizes"product" over "process" would A. threaten most mainstream children. B. be child-directed, reflecting self-selection of activities and materials. C. ignore the principles of developmentally appropriate practices. D. h...

He buys 5 for $ 1, so he pays 20 cents for each. He sells 3 for $ 1, so he earns 33 cents on each. Now the cost price is given as C(x) = .20x The revenue is given as R(x) = .33x He makes $20 by selling the balloons. Hence 20 = .33x x = 20/.33 x = 60.6 x = 60 balloons

Math Help!
The scientific numbers have to be written between 1 and 10 and by using base 10 with an exponent. Hence you place the decimal between 9 and 5 = 9.5 * 10^1 or 9.5 * 10

the exceptional child
Most early childhood professionals children’s agree that the terms inclusion and mainstreaming: A. Both refer to exceptional children’s participation in the general education curriculum. B. Mean the same thing. C. Are two different concepts. D. Both refer to programs...

the exceptional child
Thanks, I'm waiting for your answer

the exceptional child
Transactional relationships exist in the families because: a.Parents tell their children how to behavior.b. children adult influence each other's behavior.c.parents cannot really learn from their children. d.teachers often make home visits. (2) special educational services...

the exceptional child

the exceptional child
physical disabilities affect young children's learning because: a.physical disabilities always affect thinking. b.cerebral palsy gets progressively worse. c. physical therapy takes time away from learning. d.their learning is primarily activity-based.

operating system
The proprietor serves an average of 800 students a day, with inter-arrival times following an exponential distribution. Most students check out with very few items, but there are some that do all their grocery shopping there, which results in service times that are non-exponen...

Why do tomatoes grow better in a greenhouse?

IGCSE 9th grade Chemistry
Why do tomatoes ripen faster in a greenhouse?

10th grade
This week, from Sunday until Thursday, the school drama team sold adult and student tickets to their play. The person in charge of selling the tickets kept a record of the number of adult and student tickets sold on each day. However, she forgot which day the tickets were actu...

GIVEN THE FOLLOWING STATISTICAL VARIABLES A:m(A)=5 B:m(B)=13 var(A)=25 Var(B)=6 1.calculate mean of Z= 4B-2A 2.Calculate the Standard Deviation assuming cov (A,B)=0

Social Studies
explain briefly the factors which led to the enclosure in England.

environmental science
what is Limentic Zone

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