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History Question
Which Constitutional Amendment is most important to you and why?

Criminology QUESTION
The Woman is wanted for murder in New Hampshire** I left that out of question

Criminology QUESTION
Susan,A detective with the New Hampshire Police dept has been sent to the NYC police department to work with detectives and while there in NY she sees a woman wanted for murder.Susan asks the woman to lunch,and mentions she is from New Hampshire but does not tell the woman she...

What are the components for establishing corpus delicti? I cannot seem to answer this question on my homework, or find any information on the components. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

English help
Thanks so much, you have been a great help!

English help
This is one reason why he doesnt believe in miracles.

English help
Secondly. We may observe in human nature a principle which, if strictly examined, will be found to diminish extremely the assurance, which we might, from human testimony, have in any kind of prodigy. The maxim, by which we commonly conduct ourselves in our reasonings, is, tha...

English help
I need help paraphrasing the SECOND REASON in David Hume's "Of Miracles." I am having a hard time understanding the reading.

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