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For a standard production car, the highest road-tested acceleration ever reported occurred in 1993, when a Ford RS200 Evolution went from zero to 26.8 m/s (60 mi/h) in 2.557 s. Find the magnitude of the car's acceleration. Number Units the tolerance is +/-4%

A ball is thrown vertically upward, which is the positive direction. A little later it returns to its point of release. The ball is in the air for a total time of 7.99 s. What is its initial velocity? Neglect air resistance.

A jogger travels a route that has two parts. The first is a displacement of 2.90 km due south, and the second involves a displacement that points due east. The resultant displacement + has a magnitude of 4.25 km. (a) What is the magnitude of , and what is the direction of + as...


Two people are talking at a distance of 3.4 m from where you are, and you measure the sound intensity as 1.0 10-7 W/m2. Another student is 4.2 m away from the talkers. What sound intensity does the other student measure? I just don't know how to start this problem

Runner A is initially 4.6 km west of a flagpole and is running with a constant velocity of 4.8 km/h due east. Runner B is initially 7.4 km east of the flagpole and is running with a constant velocity of 6.4 km/h due west. What will be the distance of the two runners from the f...

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