July 28, 2014

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A proton is launched from the surface of a 2.0 cm diameter glass sphere that is charged to -25.0 nC. What is the speed of the proton when it is launched so that it just escapes the influence of the charge of the glass sphere?

A 3.2 cm diameter plastic sphere is charged to -19.0 nC. What orbital frequency must a proton have to maintain a circular orbit around the sphere 2.4 mm above its surface?

Two 18.0 cm diameter charged rings face each other, 22.0 cm apart. The left ring is charged to + 40.0 nC and the right ring is charged to + 15.0 nC. What is the force on a + 0.50 nC charge placed at the mid point?

A proton orbits a negatively charged wire that has a linear charge density of 8.0 x 10 -9 C/m. What speed must the proton have to maintain a circular orbit at 1.3 cm?

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