July 29, 2014

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I think I've got one for aberration. Being late for school on a Monday morning is not an aberration-many teens are tired from late nights at the weekend.

Is this better, The teacher waited in abeyance for Ricky's answer. I'm still stuck on abberation. I know abberant is abnormal or different. As an adjective I could say The boys aberrant behaviour worried the teacher. The doctors abscission removed the wart?? Abstemious...

Write a sentence using the vocabulary. Do these sound ok? abate- The air traffic controller told the impatient pilot to wait until the thunderstorm had abated before landing. abjure- Before marrying a member of the Roman Catholic church, one must abjure from the protestant fai...

Please give me some suggestions on how I can improve this. Thanks. Why I agree with students staying home from school during cold weather in Vietnam. Imagine putting on wet clothes and facing a cold wind. This is what winter feels like in Hanoi, Vietnam. Who would want to sit ...

business math
The GDP of Company E was $500 million in 1995. The population was 1 million, so the average income was $500. As a result of economic growth, GDP in 2005 was $1,500 million. The population was already 2 million. What was the average income in 2005. I'm guessing 1,500 millio...

Business studies
Wow, that website is really cool!! Thanks. I found my second group. The opportunity cost can affect organizations.

Business studies
List the four factorsof production and explain why each is necessary for production to take place. Land- Land is necessary because of its natural resources. labour-People are needed to do the work. capital-capital is needed to pay for production and to pay workers' salarie...

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