March 23, 2017

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A projectile is launched from the origin with a speed of 2 ms−1 at the angle of 60∘ from the horizontal. Assume that ground to be flat and plane of trajectory to be x-y plane with x-axis along horizontal. The radial and tangential components of its velocity at its ...
August 23, 2016

physics electromagnetism
Two long parallel vertical wires 0.3m apart are. ' placed east-west of one another. The current in the westerly wire is 30A and on the other 20A. The horizontal component of the earths magnetic flux density is 2*10^-5. Find the force per unit length on each wire. (The ...
March 15, 2015

how do I write this in radians in radians in terms of pi
March 25, 2014

Find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2pi). sec(theta)+2=0 Write your answer in radians in terms of pi
March 25, 2014

business math
loan made july 15, length of loan 150, date of discount november 20. how many days is the discount period
May 26, 2011

find the volume. round to the nearest cubic unit
February 7, 2011

we have to discount the value of the future money (to compare apples to apples) and compare what is the value of 30000 in today's money : PV = present value PV(30000) = 30000 / (1+0,12)^50 PV(30000) = $103.8 As PV(30000) > $95 you'd better wait 50 years. Your age ...
September 25, 2009

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