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Plan how you would make 100mL of a buffer solution with a pH of 10.80 to be made using only sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate and water. You should specify the amount of sodium carbonate and sodium hydrogen carbonate that you would use.

Q)'The radio crackled as the distant voice spluttered and died.Now they felt completely alone., but surely there must be others like them out there. Write a narrative,using this last phrase at the beginning or end of your story. 'Sami,Sami! Please god, keep him alive. ...

can you please suggest any books for different types of writing styles?

Thank you for your feed back. The feed backs are very important to me since I am home schooled and don't have teacher to check my work regularly. Please can you give me advice on inferences and reading between the lines and where on the internet I can practice and check my...

Can you please check if it meets the criteria of a descriptive writing. Thank you

The Question is at the top. For many years you have heard..........write TWO diary entries, each describing a memorable moment in this persons life.

Question. For many years you have heard exciting and humorous tales about an elderly aunt/uncle in your family.Someone gives you a diary that once belonged to this relative, who is now dead.write TWO diary entries, each describing a memorable moment in this persons life. -----...

Hi,I am giving in this work and so is my sister Zakiyya.Please check both of ours. --------------------- Q)You are the editor of a local weekly newspaper. A national charity is planning to open a residential home for troubled teenagers in your area.Some local people have objec...

Question:'I'm young.I want to have fun, not spend my time studying!' What are your views on this statement? ---------------------- In my opinion,this thought would obviously occur from time to time in the mind of any teenager spending his/her time studying for upco...

You are a journalist. Write an article on the subject of young people's interest in computer games. In your article you should: - discuss the positive and negative aspects of playing such games. - Persuade readers to take a balanced view towards the use of computer games. ...

If 150 g of water are heated from 20.ºC to 30. ºC,the nunber of joules of heat energy absored is

a rectangular parking lot is 110 yards long and 45 yard wide it costs about $.60 to pave each square foot of the parking lot with asphalt.about how much will it cost to pave the parking lot?

10th grade math
i need help with math

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