October 26, 2016

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Math Year 10 - Simultaneous equations
Q. A small farm has sheep and chickens. There are twice as many chickens as sheep, and there are 104 legs between the sheep and the chickens. How many chickens are there?
June 2, 2016

How did/does Galileo's work impact or contribute to our lives today?
February 15, 2015

7th grade math
I actually use this website too check my answers. Not too cheat
September 26, 2012

5th grade math
k= 7,6,5... and draw it on the number line start at seven and go all the way to zero (or past)
March 16, 2011

how to simplify, sorry =P
March 16, 2011

R "3" T "-7"/ T "5" the quotes mean it is an exponent thx,
March 16, 2011

y= -1/6x-71 and y=-1/5x-69 (i think)
March 16, 2011

IN THIS EXPERIMENT YOU FILL A PREFROM WITH WATER AND PUT A DRINKING STRAW INTO THE PREFROM AND USE CLAY TO SEAL THE OPENING. It is important to recall that when you first tried it, you were unable to drink, but a small amount of water entered the straw. When the water goes ...
May 20, 2010

March 16, 2010

y-5=13 what does y=
March 16, 2010

The Jeffrson middle school Booster clug is selling raffel tickets for a new comp system they sold 1,000 tickets at $2.00 each. Emily's parents spent $200 on tickets, What is the probitalty they wont win
April 6, 2009

you suck teacher
August 25, 2008

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