March 28, 2017

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Debbie, an administrative assistant, likes to stay at her desk until seven or so each workday evening, writing letters on her PC to her best friend. This is especially true when her boss also works late. What is this an example of? A) Impression management B) Frame of ...
June 15, 2011

HR -Management
Feedback is most effective in improving performance when it A) is specific. B) is accepted by the employee. C) defines clear goals for future performance. D) All of these.
June 15, 2011

Human Resource Management
Attempting to provide raters with a set of consistent norms of good and poor performance for evaluating employees is an example of A) observation training. B) rater error training. C) frame of reference training. D) halo error.
June 15, 2011

Human Resources Management
. An assessment technique that is graphic in nature and that uses examples of behavior representing particular levels of performance to anchor the scale is called a A) critical-incident technique. B) behavioral observation scale (BOS). C) weighted checklist. D) behaviorally ...
June 15, 2011

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