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form 3words of these words by adding affixes

In a triangle, the measure of the first angle is four times the measure of the second angle. The measure of the third angle is 84 degrees more than the second angle. What is the measure of the first angle?

physics help
This is a person cheating on the edX 801x final exam.

Math, Factoring
Factor: 121x^2+110x+25

3.91 mol of magnesium and 3.91 mol of hydrochloric acid are reacted, how many grams of magnesium chloride will be produced?

What is the rounded off number,to the nearest gram,of 4.86932 kg

how to calculate the force exerted by by a man with a mass of 72 kg on the floor of a lift when the lift is accelerating downwards at 0.6 meters per second

the delta G of the whole reaction you need to use is found by subtracting the delta G for your reactants from the delta G of your product -32.89 (c2h6) - 209.2 (c2h2) + 0 (h2) = -242.09 then you have to plug it into the equation deltaG = -RTlnK, making sure to convert R to kJ ...

What volume of oxygen is consumed when 9g of water is formed when butane is burnt?

IV=None DV=Final exam scores (continuous) Best method of analysis= independent sample t-test

Carl hired 4 people to work in his shipping department for a week at 8 hours a day. However, after working only 4 hours on the third day, the work was completed. How many hours of wages does Carl owe to the workers?

A black snake lies at the base of an apple tree and a cat is climbing in the tree branches. The number of apples on the tree is four less than twice the tree's height. One year ago the the cat's age was one-third of his mother's current age. Two years from now twic...

Find and simplify. f(x) = 5 − x^2 (a)f(x + h) − f(x) (b)[f(x + h) − f(x)]/h Thank You.

carlos mendez
como se representa 26/8 en fraccion en un pastel

write the following numbers in standard form. i.49800000 ii.0.000003

Damon that would work if there was no friction, no gravity, no transfer of energy/work throughout the particle. Because they are linked, and hanging vertically, there is a few extra forces that need to be taken into account.

5th grade
Jen and Heather went to lunch. When the bill came, Jen discovered that she only had $8. Heather had enough money to pay the other part, or 3/5 of the bill. How much was the total bill?

Chemistry college
48.4 grams

math simultaneous equation with surds

A dragster starts from rest and accelerates down the track. Each tire has a radius of 0.360 m and rolls without slipping. At a distance of 360 m, the angular speed of the wheels is 292 rad/s. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (d) ...

social studys
What have the ancient romans done for todays society

Explain why erosion is less of a problem in the west than the east Erosion by water is less in the west, because there is less rain. In the west, erosion by wind is greater, however, wind erosion is very small when compared to water erosion.

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