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Language Arts
NONE OF THESE WERE RIGHT EXCEPT FOR 2 4 AND 5! Ms. Sue! Why would you do this!? You lied!!! The correct answers were C D C C B!!!!

a class of 15 student with 5 girls and 10 boys.they are divided into 3 groups each of 5 to do different group projectA,B,C respectively .how many ways can be grouped (A)if no restriction?(B)each group has only one gender?

The acceleration due to gravity at the north pole of Neptune is approximately 10.7 m/s^2. Neptune has mass 10^26kg and radius 25000km and rotates once around its axis in a time of about 16h. What is the gravitational force on an object of mass 4.8kg at the north pole of Neptun...

A thin, light wire is wrapped around the rim of a wheel, as shown in the following figure. The wheel rotates without friction about a stationary horizontal axis that passes through the center of the wheel. The wheel is a uniform disk with radius 0.400 m. An object of mass 4.50...

those answers r all rong!!!!! thanks for giving me the rong answers!! failed my final!!

AP US History
C. Identification Supply the correct identification for each numbered description. 1._____ Extended period when glaciers covered most of the North American Continent. 2._____ Staple crop that formed the economic foundation of Indian Civilization. 3._____ Important Mississippia...

i think you go to my school we have the same exact questions lol

algeba 1
i need help with adding and subtracting like terms . example 16b,-11b,-2b,3b

Spry means to be active and stuff

Spry means to be active and stuff

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