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social studies
whats one way the earths crust change??
October 15, 2007

Angle BOC equals 60 degrees, so again, AOC is 94 degrees. If I add AOB, BOC, and COD, I get the measure of DOA, which is 128. Thank you!!!
October 10, 2007

B is in the interior of angle AOC. C is in the interior of angle BOD. D is in the interior of angle COE. The measure of angle AOE is 162 degrees, COE is 68 degrees, and the measures of angles AOB, COD, and DOE are all equal. The question is to find the measure of angle DOA. (...
October 10, 2007

September 20, 2007

discrete math
Express the quantification: Existential(!)x P(x) using universal quantifications, existential quantification and logical expressions. For sake of typing this question, I'm going to let "E" be the existential quantifier, "A" be the universal quantifier&...
September 12, 2007

social studies
I think they worked together so that they could get there work done faster and get more shelter:)
September 9, 2007

Early Childhood Literacy
I need some input on these questions. If you feel I'm wrong-please let me know. Thanx for helping! 1.Which one of the following would NOT be typical communication for a three- year-old? A. "That's scary!" B. "I'm hungry." C. "Nobody likes ...
August 30, 2007

In the sentence: Supreme Court judges see many cases. Should judges be Capitalized?
August 26, 2007

I need to fix this sentence: After the settlers came our countrys landscape changed mountains wer bare and many streams went dry Please help I'm not good w/ punctuation You have two separate sentences here. They should either have a period or a semi-colon between them. ...
August 20, 2007

need guidance on an algebra problem
20 x+3(y-1)=11 2(x-y)+8y = 28 multiply out 20 x+3y-3=11 - Is this correct? 2x+14y = 28 Using the addition method, would you multiply the first problem by 2 and the second by 20? No. In the second multiply out, you should have gotten 2x -1y+8y=28 or 2x+7y=28 No, in the ...
August 20, 2007

Pre Algebra
Please help me with some problems. Thank you! Solve the equation by square root property. 3. 2x^2 = 26 I dont understand how to solve this problem. Solve the equation using the quadratic formula. 7. 7x^2=-8x -2 This is what I got x= -8 -or+ square root -8/14 8. 16x^2+1=5x This...
August 18, 2007

Math 110
Multiply 28x72 using lattice method. Write 278 as a product of prime numbers.
August 8, 2007

Chemistry Logic
There is no base, only acid and conjugate base the HONH3 acts as the acid here, and the HONH2 is its conjugate base. its the same exact thing as if the equation were HONH3 >< HONH2 + H(+)
August 3, 2007

Social Studies - Geography
I need some help on the General Information of China for class. I'm doing a worksheet and there's a question I'm kind of stuck on. The main way personal communication in China takes place by the _____________. My first guess is technology, because the 2nd part of ...
May 21, 2007

Social Studies (repost)
I have a problem with two questions on my geography worksheet on East Asia. I need to know the city between Shanghai and Nanjing (Nanking?) and the mountains west of Tokyo. The catch is, the answer to the Shanghai/Nanjing question has the letter "o" repeated. The ...
April 24, 2007

Social Studies - Geography
I'm having some trouble with the worksheet I'm doing for geography class.It's on East Asia,and the thing that's messing me up the most is the spelling of the cities/bodies of water/physical features, like Mongolia's capital, Ulaan Baatar, which has ...
April 24, 2007

Many children grow up with a considerble amount of violence in their lives protrayed in movies,video games,television,witnesing family violence,or being victims of child abuse themselves. Research on the effects of violence on children indicates: 1.that all children exposed to...
April 11, 2007

Calc 2
Ok, I have two questions first: 1. I'm asked to find a cartesian equation for the polar graph of this polar equation: r^2 = sin(2(theta)) The answer I got was (x^2+y^2)^2/(2xy) = 2 Is this the correct way to express it? 2. I need to find the cartesian equation for this ...
April 10, 2007

Physics-Sound Waves
I'm not sure how to go about answering this question... I have all these equations and none seem to apply. The question is: If you have two speakers on opposite sides of a concert stage producing identical sound waves with a wavelength of .8m. If you consider only the ...
April 4, 2007

I posted a question yesterday asking for some links about guilds during Shakespeare's time. I have two more questions. The first one: Are Sea Dogs basically pirates or mapmakers? Or are they both? The second question: What exactly are the "tools of trade" for the...
February 22, 2007

As an introduction to Shakespeare, we're doing a project on medieval guilds. Can anybody help me on where to search information on the Seadogs guild? I've been looking and all I've gotten was info on the movie, or a modern guild. Thank you :) "1600-1800 States...
February 20, 2007

general differences and similarites between australia and united states of americal Australian government: (Skip the second link.) USA government...
February 20, 2007

how do you do fractionation? huh??/ What grade are u in?
February 7, 2007

You may have to decide a second theme be sure to show a variety of examples (plant, animal, and other kingdoms) from a variety of smaller habitats within your ecosystem. explain how your examples fit the extreme theme. this is ecology. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework ...
January 8, 2007

Can a cellphone place near a pacemaker patient heart change the pacemaker patient heart rate and how? Can I use my cell phone if I have a pacemaker? The types of cell phones used in the United States are less than 3 watts and do not seem to affect pacemakers. But to be safe, ...
December 27, 2006

I don't know that is why im here trying to find out.
November 28, 2006

Describe what happened to Mt. St. Helen on May 11, 1990 Please use your favorite search engine and search for Mount St. Helen. I'm sure you'll find many sites that describe this event.
November 20, 2006

social studies
i agree with julie it is linen
November 16, 2006

social studies
how did the crusades encourage europeans to explore The Crusades took thousands of men from Europe to Turkey, Israel, and other parts of the Middle East. There they learned of different ways of life and exotic products from many other parts of the world. Desire for these ...
October 24, 2006

October 16, 2006

Tell me everything about water scorpion even where they live what they eat etc? These sites have a lot of information about water scorpions. (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed)
October 9, 2006

Earth Science
i think iron????
October 3, 2006

how would you do this problem with intergers? 30+(-25)+(-15) when I did it I got -10 is that right? try doing it on a calculater i would but i can't find mine. Yes the answer is -10.
September 12, 2006

The math problem is........... 3n to the 2nd power when n=3 what do I do first if nothing is in parenthesis? Do I multiply 3n or do n to the 2nd power first? square n, then multiply it by three. That's a good question Nikki. We would read (3n)^2 as quantity 3n to the 2nd. ...
September 7, 2006

What would be the prepositional phrase, subject, and verb phrase in this sentence? The gift was from John and his sister. Let me point out first that I am far from an English major and you should use additional resources but this is the way I see it. subject--gift verb--was ...
September 6, 2006

How do you find a simple subject in a sentence? The word that describes what we are talking about is the subject. "The man read to his son" is a sentence. We are talking about the man. Man is the subject. I hope this helps. One of the English gurus can give a much ...
September 5, 2006

i always have late work i was almost held back last year cause of it i need tips on homework! Tips on studying, including homework. Read the chapter in the book BEFORE class. Take notes in class. After class, read the book again and add to your notes to explain things you ...
July 23, 2006

what is the primary focus of all biological studies? I love u nichole The primary focus is the living processes of organisms or groups of organisms. what is the primary focus of all biological studies what is the primary focus of all biological studies?
August 16, 2005

unscrambling word
idk. lol. this is fun :) but..:( i cant find the answer to my unscramble thing 4 skooool :( now i get 1 point off my test :[:(
June 14, 2005

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