July 23, 2014

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English (please proof and give some imput)
After a while of playing, we both began to get hungry. We rushed inside to ask for a snack. “Nanny, we’re hungry. Can we have ice cream?” I asked. “Go and wash your hands,” she replied. We both rushed to the bathroom and quickly ran our hands under the...

English (please proof and give some imput)
One day my friend Allison went to my Nanny’s house with me after school. We helped each other with our homework and then she wanted to go play outside. Nanny let us and gave us spoons to play in the dirt with. We had learned about Indians that day at school and decided bu...

English (please proof and give some imput)
Nanny always had my favorite snacks at her house. She’d spoil me with an individually packaged cup of vanilla Blue Bell ice cream or Colby cheese that she had allowed to sit out and soften for the best cheese and crackers! Sometimes I’d also get to indulge in a spoon...

English (please proof and give some imput)
To a young child there is no place like a grandmother’s house. When I was in elementary school I was fortunate enough to be able to spend every day after school with my Nanny. I had a routine. As soon as I got to her house I would quickly do my homework. I would spread my...

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