April 1, 2015

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As you look out of your dorm window, a flower pot suddenly falls past. The pot is visible for a time t, and the vertical length of your window is L_w. Take down to be the positive direction, so that downward velocities are positive and the acceleration due to gravity is the ...
January 30, 2007

i meant to say voltage and use the equation P = IV - then multiply by 2 since it's both lines KBAI
January 30, 2007

scratch that - no subtraction. just your answer as it is i think
January 30, 2007

RIGHT, well this might be a bit late but i'm another physics student and just found the solution. Basically you want to take your current from part A - and your resistance from part B, plug them in into the equation P = I^2R and then subtract your answer from the original ...
January 30, 2007

what is the percent of 7 over 10 (7/10)x100=70% 7 - 10 or 70 - 100
January 30, 2007

What are the intercepting points of y^2=-4x and x^2=y I set both equations equal to 0, but only get x=0 and there is another intercepting point. please help! You can solve for one of the equation and substitute it into the other equation. In this case you already have y=x^2 so...
December 7, 2006

What is dy/dx of y=12/12X-y^3 ???? Any idea anyone??? y=12/12X-y^3 I assume you mean... y=12/(12X-y^3) 12Xy-y^4=12 12x dy/dx + 12y -4y^3 dy/dx=0 dy/dx (12x -4y^3)=-12y solve for dy/dx
December 7, 2006

Chem 12
How can I do this: 3KNO3(aq)+ Fe(SCN)3(aq) + NaOH(aq) <---> ? what do you have to do? write the products it makes. I don't know the products it makes. I have to figure out what adding all those produces. Im not sure its even possible? yes it is possible. first of all...
December 3, 2006

In a hydraulic system, piston 1 has a surface area of 100 cm2, and piston 2 has a surface area of 900 cm2. A force of 150 N is exerted on piston 1 of the hydraulic lift. What force will be exerted on piston 2?
November 17, 2006

The chemical method of analysis in determination of the blood alcohol content %BAC is: K2Cr2O7 + H2SO4 + C2H5OH ---> Cr2(SO4)3 + K2SO4 + CH3COOH + H2O What are the stoichiometric coefficients for the reaction above? Cr is reduced from +6 each on the left to +3 each on the ...
November 8, 2006

acids and alkalis
These kids should learn to type properly, Anyway back onto well nothing for me to really answer lol, All been done in the previous questions.
November 4, 2006

assuming you have o.4g of Y(OH)3, calculate the mass of BaO2 required to react stoichiometrically to produce YBa2Cu3O7. Now calculate the mass of CuO. Please HELP! Write the balanced equation. Then, calculate the moles of Y hydroxide from .4 g. Then, notice from the balanced ...
October 24, 2006

assuming you have o.4g of Y(OH)3, calculate the mass of Ba)2 required to produce YBa2Cu3O7. Is that BaO2 for Ba)2? Is that really BaO2 or BaO. BaO2 is barium peroxide, not oxide. Y(OH)3 ==> YBa2Cu3O7 Step 1. Convert 0.4g Y(OH)3 to mols Y(OH)3. Step 2. Multiply by 2 to ...
October 24, 2006

if a plane leaves a horizontal at an angle of 60 degrees and at 1 minute reaches a point of 12 miles how fast is the plane going.... "reaches a point of 12 miles" is ambiguous. Do you mean 12 miles in the air (elevation), perpendicular to the ground? Or, do you mean ...
October 15, 2006

Two bumper cars collide. Both cars stop. How do you know that a force has acted on both cars? did the cars change velocity? (yes, they stopped). Newton's law says that things in motion will stay in motion unless a xxxxx acts.
October 10, 2006

I am writing a feasiability study on an investment made my a hypothetical company into an internet news company. This idea sprung from my inquiry question :"What does the media hold in store for us?" Has anyone got any suggestions as to what fontant should be in ...
September 28, 2006

Answer this please!!! Noelani was saving Luscious Lemon soda coupons, which came in the caps of the Luscious Lemon sodo bottles. There were two kinds of coupons: 5-point coupons and 2-point coupons. So far, she had collected 23 coupons, worth 76 points. How many 5-point and 2-...
September 18, 2006

Stoichiometry problem
Confused and Jason, same person? Chemistry itself is definitely not pointless. Imagine where you'd be without the miracles that chemistry presents us in everyday life: Plastics, Medicine, Cars, Reliable Machines, Colors in Clothing and Other Products, Flavored Drinks, ...
September 9, 2006

1.B 2.C. 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.B 7.C 8.D 9.A 10.C 11.D 12.A 13.A 14.B 15.C 16.C 17.B 18.C 19.C 20. C
August 1, 2006

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