July 23, 2014

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how do you know what is the side lengths for the cot-60 angle?

I don't get how you get these answers: cos180 degree = -1 sin45 degree = root(2)/2 cos(-135) = -root(2)/2 cot(-60) = -1/root(3) or -root(3)/3 What does cos or sin do to make the answer different? please help

Earth Science
can someone help me? you are given a sample of an unknown mineral. you determine that the mineral's streak is whte and its specific gravity is 2.8. is the mineral most likely to be a metallic mineral or a nonmetallic mineral? explain your answer. please help

Earth Science
I've been stuck on this question for half hour so please help me According to the principle of supply and demand, the price you pay for a product is determined both by its availability and by consumer demand for the product. on the basis of this principle, which minerals d...

Earth Science
a sample of magma flows very quickly. Would you expect it to contain high or low amounts of silica? Why? please help

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