May 29, 2015

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A long thin rod lies along the x-axis from the origin to x=L, with L= 0.890 m. The mass per unit length, λ (in kg/m) varies according to the equation λ = λ0 (1+1.410x2). The value of λ0 is 0.700 kg/m and x is in meters. 1. Calculate the total mass of the ...
February 12, 2014

How much work does a student do if he throws a 0.750 kg ball with force of 45.0 N through a distance of 1.50 m?
November 6, 2013

math Law of Syllogism and Law of Detachment
What is the difference between Law of Detachment and The Law of Syllogism ? pLEASE provide an example of both thx.
November 14, 2008

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