July 31, 2014

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Consumer Math
Edith earns an annual gross salary of $17,500. She has 28% of her gross salary withheld for taxes and other deductions. What is the net pay of each paycheck if she is paid weekly?

Consumer Math
Sylvia receives a net pay of $390.45 biweekly. She has $130 withheld from her paycheck. What is her annual gross salary?

( Online Class ) Consumer Math
Oops I Forgot The Options a)Variable expense adjustment b)Enough in net income c)Withdrawal from savings

( Online Class ) Consumer Math
Adjusting a budget - Given the net income, the percent budgeted for two variable expenses, and the amount of an unexpected bill, determine if there is enough money in the variable expense items to cover the amount of the unexpected expense or if the bill should be covered with...

How do you simplify the radical 4sqrt(128 n^8)

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