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i couldn't find out a second naturally occurring social system can i have some help please
January 28, 2009

This is a rounding quotients! Can you switch the numbers?
November 12, 2008

Divide. Round to the nearest tenth. 17/6 How do you divide 17 into 6??
November 12, 2008

a 100% D
September 29, 2008

can you give some examples of how to write decimal in word form? ie. 2.648 Thanks!
August 27, 2008

Solve for the unknown. Assume that all of the angles are acute. 1. U = 69 A = 75 AN = 56 NU = ______ is this right NU= 92.05
May 20, 2008

Quadrant I tan terminal= 2 what is csc terminal
May 16, 2008

find the exact value for each function tan pi/3 cos pi/4
May 16, 2008

A gas initially at 20C must be changed to ? C to triple the pressure.
January 31, 2008

physical science
a 1.0 kg sample of metal with a specific heat of 0.50KJ/kgCis heated to 100.0C and then placed in a 50.0g sample of water at 20.0C. What is the final temperature of the metal and the water? I can't figure this out. Is the answer room temperature???
November 7, 2007

Math Riddle
If its the youngest child who's hair color is given, the solution is {1,6,6} it has nothing to do with the actual hair color, but with mentioning that there exists a unique youngest (or oldest) child to remove the ambiguity in the two age sets with identical sums (i.e. {1,...
September 21, 2007

computer progaming
can anyone give me infomoration on Novell Enterpise open server im helping my dad with his online class homwork and i was wondering if i can get help? Ah...the days of homework have changed. It used to be that parents had to help their kids with homework. Now it's kids ...
August 6, 2007

Are claims about moral issues subjective, objective or a matter of debate? Subjective and a matter of debate (but no one will really win the debate!) mor·al (môr'əl, mŏr'-) adj. Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of ...
March 7, 2007

Are all controversial matters subjective or relative? Yes. con·tro·ver·sial (kŏn'trə-vûr'shəl, -sē-əl) adj. Of, producing, or marked by controversy: a controversial movie; a controversial stand on human rights. Fond ...
March 7, 2007

Social Studies
Witch country brought basball to the central american countries? Who brought slaves to the central american countries? Witch Country brought The religan Roman Cathlic to the central american countries? witch country brought ecomic aid to the central american countries? Witch ...
January 30, 2007

international business
I agree lol...you can read all that you want to in the book but it's still not enough to help you do this assignment. This assignment requires research on the Internet, and I myself always seek the input of other's...that makes us better and smarter students! AIU ...
October 29, 2006

1. x-3 7x-3x = 4 x -6 turns into +6 so 4x=12 x=3 2. 13=5-13+3x 13=-8 +3x 21 = 3x x=7 3. x+x+x+3x+2-6 = 31 6x -4 = 31 6x=35 = 5.83 (are you sure its 3 x's?) 5. 5-t-t=-1 5-2t=-1 -2t = -6 t= 3
October 29, 2006

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