October 6, 2015

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chem question
This is on a practise exam I have and I cant get part of it, I don't know if it is not only due to my not understanding but to the fact that the first two parts might be wrong. Thanks for your help if you can. Heres the question: A coffee-cup calorimeter normally consists ...
June 20, 2006

Physics for exam
I can't get this question and its been driving me crazy. I need to know how to do this for my exam. Any help would be appreciated. A golfer is practising his/her swing at a distance of 150m from a house. On the way back to the ground, 5.00 seconds after being hit, the ball...
June 19, 2006

wow this was a long time ago and no one would help him... lol
June 18, 2005

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