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AP Calc
Simplify the fraction: (x^3-7x^2+17x-15)/(x-3) and solve numerically to find the two numbers close to 3 between which x must be kept if f(x) is to stay between 1.99 and 2.01.

Algebra2/ Trig
During a baseball season, a company pledges a donation to a charity of $5000 plus $100 for every home run hit by the local team. Does it make more sense to represent this situation using a sequence or a series? Explain your reasoning.

Name the new compound formed when sodium sulfide is added to zinc sulfate. What is the chemical formuala for this new compound?

A sample of O2(g) is saturated with water vapor at 27 C. The total pressure of the mixture is 772 torr, and the vapor pressure of water is 26.7 torr at 27 C. What is the partial pressure of the O2?

A 1.50mol sample of helium at a certain temperature and pressure has a volume of 31.4L. A second sample of helium at the same temp and pressure has a volume of 42.2L. How many moles of Helium are in the second sample?

459 torr is how much in atm, pascals, and mm Hg?

A 1.04L sample of gas at 759 mm Hg pressure is expanded until its volume is 2.24L. what is the pressure in the expanded gas sample (at constant temp.)

Caluclate the total mass of copper needed to react with 100g of iodine to make 512g of copper(ii) iodide. PLEASE work it out for me idk how to do it ?

Calculate the total mass of gold needed to react with 4200g of chlorine to make 7112g of gold(iii) chloride?

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