November 27, 2014

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Determine if it is polar or non-polar molecule: C3H6O C2H5OH SiCl4 NH3 CO2 C3H8 H2O N2 My ans are: Polar Polar Polar polar Nonpolar nonpolar polar Nonpolar are my answers correct???? No one has answered this question yet.
March 5, 2013

world history
How was the writting of the grito de dolores similar to the writting of the petition by the first continental congress
December 30, 2011

When 0.3212g of glucose was burned in bomb calorimeter of calorimeter constant 641J/K, the temperature rose by 7.943 K. Calculate a) the standard molar internal energy of combustion b) the standard enthalpy of combustion and c) the standard enthalpy of formation of glucose. (...
May 4, 2010

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