July 28, 2014

Posts by Ms.Sue-- this is for you--please help--read what my text states

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Early Child Ed.
i am taking my text to mean its best only if you donot have indoor eqipment to play gymnastic skills. i'm confused.

Early Child Ed.
Ms. Sue, I am still rereading my text- and it does not state that gymnastic skills such as clibing,hanging,swinging and balancing, can best be experienced on playground equipment. It says it can be experienced on playground equipment, if you're not fortunate enough to have...

Early Child Ed.
so,i am confused with this question-i still donot know if B or D would be the best answer. Can you please help me to understand? Thank you!

Early Child Ed.
my text also states; children cannot change the equipment to challenge themselves and practice specific movements.

Early Child Ed.
This is what my text states: The playground is the obvious and natural choice for many facets of the movement program. Unless you are fortunate enough to have the necessary equipment indoors,such gymnastic skills as climbing, hanging and swinging,and balacing can be experience...

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